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Our Certified Organic Digestive Pain

Traditional foods believe that bitterness is essential for good digestion. When you feel the Organic Swedish Bitters taste of astringent taste, the digestive response is improved and the body’s natural digestive juices are strengthened. Our task is to restore the pain of plates and first aid kits. Choose the formula that works best for you. Best Selling Classic Formulas (Original, Citrus and Maple), Calm Belly (made for nausea, morning sickness and sensitive stomachs), healthy liver (for optimal liver health, bile production and healthy detoxification), and finally, minimal sugar-free vinegar. Formula (made without alcohol).

Excellent Digestive Power

This is Gorzki’s first and most famous gift. Use sparingly for heartburn and indigestion, and drink a small amount after a meal. Used for gas and flatulence. When taken before meals, it aids in digestion, supports the production of hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes and bile, and helps maintain normal intestinal rhythm.

Reduces heartburn and nausea

A balanced blend of Organic Swedish Bitters ingredients really shines through for intermittent symptoms. Aromatic ingredients such as ginger, angelfish, fenugreek and fenugreek help to move food smoothly and relieve occasional nausea. And the Organic Swedish Bitters roots that hold all our formulas, especially dandelion, lock the valves at the bottom of your throat tight, so occasional heartburn is a thing of the past.

Mild and Daily Liver Detox

Our livers work non-stop every day. It supports the body’s normal levels of inflammation, ensures fast and effective elimination of toxins, regulates the metabolism of sugars and fats, and plays a role in the processing (including) of many hormones. The Organic Swedish Bitters taste of the tongue sends a reflex signal directly through the vagus nerve to wake up the liver and place it in its best position. But the bitter taste doesn’t stop there. Bitterness supports the healthy release of hormones like CCK (Cholecystokinin), which stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder. And once absorbed, Organic Swedish Bitters phytochemicals directly support liver cells for healthy antioxidant production, bile synthesis, and metabolism.

Limit sugar and carbohydrates

In today’s culture, asking someone to cut down on sugar and carbs is like taking a smoker to a Parisian nightclub and asking them to quit. We must fight the pressures of the food industry with more snacks, more sugar and more carbohydrates. It doesn’t help our brain focus on our cravings for dessert. But in this fight, suffering is your ally. Our unhealthy relationship with carbohydrates is due to the lack of bitterness and excess carbohydrates. Perhaps the greatest gift bitterness can give us is helping us change our relationship with food. Bitterness supports a healthy, normal appetite, and creates a feeling of fullness and satiety without overeating. Normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels help with bitterness keep it going.

Supports beautiful skin

The herb uses the Organic Swedish Bitters root of burdock, such as dandelion and Oregon grape root, to keep healthy skin clean and supple. One of the reasons this bitter taste helps restore liver function is because of the old concept of “dirty blood.” We know there is no real dirt in the bloodstream, but a healthy liver allows the body to flush out reactive substances that can irritate tissues, and the skin is no exception. Herbalists have long known that when liver function is compromised, the skin tends to take up slack. In fact, our skin’s sebaceous glands process oil like a “mini liver.” Bitterness is also an important support to help keep your pores clean and healthy.

Ignite the Conversation

Pain is different from taking medicine. Best of all, the vibrant blend of flavors keeps you healthy while you sit down and focus. However, sharing the bitterness before dinner or applying the bitterness to a friend also shows weeds, non-hybrid plants, and creates a more diverse example of ecology. Once you know just how good the herbicide is for your dandelion, it will be difficult to spray any further. And bringing bitterness to the table one by one changes not only taste and cuisine, but also our attitude towards plants, weeds, gardening and agriculture.

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