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Modern Log Home Construction

Log home construction has changed in many ways over the years. Although conventional full log building methods are still used today, modern log siding home construction is the best. These homes are versatile, faster, and easier to build, and can range from off-grid living to mansions with all the modern conveniences.

There are many practical reasons why modern log siding home construction is best, including:

  • The designs and layouts are flexible
  • Homeowners and builders can save time and money
  • There is no need for specialized construction teams
  • These homes will always stay in style
  • Skilled homeowners can do some of the work

Each of these points is explained below and it is worth your while to read them before planning and building a log home.

The Design and Layout of Log Siding Homes Are Flexible 

Once full round or square log home walls are under construction, it is difficult to modify the plans. Homeowners sometimes change their minds more often than you might think. This presents problems with moving walls and roofing and can run up costs significantly.    

Log siding, on the other hand, uses conventional wall framing that can be modified much easier and faster. Doors and windows can be moved by cutting out some of the framing and restructuring.

Once the wall and roof designs are set in place, exterior OSB or plywood is attached to the exterior of the framing to give the walls rigidity, and insulation is placed within the walls. Tongue and groove log siding with the end-matching design can be mounted on 2×4 or 2×6 studs to vary the amount of insulation you want to use.

Save Time and Money with Pine or Cedar Siding

Modern log home construction saves time and money on construction and maintenance compared to full log homes. Here are some reasons why this is accurate:

  • Log siding and conventional framing are less expensive than full logs
  • Labor costs are less because the house goes up faster and easier
  • Log siding is more stable and cracks less than full logs
  • Skilled homeowners can do some of the work
  • Log siding is easier to maintain than full logs
“Modern log siding home construction is the best. These homes are versatile, faster, and easier to build, and can range from off-grid living to mansions with all the modern conveniences.”

No Need for Specialized Construction Teams with Log Siding Construction

Full log construction requires builders and crews with specialized skills required to: 

  • Notch the logs accurately
  • Saw them to the correct length
  • Stack them solidly
  • Cut openings for doors and windows
  • Operate cranes for lifting logs
  • Practice maximum safety

All these factors cost money, and at today’s prices, can price some homeowners right out of their dream log homes. That’s why modern tongue and groove log siding construction is best in any climate and location in the U.S.

These Homes Will Always Stay In Style

Old-style log homes and cabins are nostalgic and fun to visit; however, they can be more difficult to sell than log siding homes. Modern log homes and log businesses tend to stay in style longer because they are a blend of old and new construction. Log siding homes typically fit in better in most neighborhoods than full-log homes.

If you are in the market for a full-size log home, consider one built with pine or cedar log siding. The siding comes in three different thicknesses and two different widths, including:

  • Quarter log siding in 2×6 and 2×8 sizes
  • Half log siding in 3×6 and 3×8
  • Premier Deep-D siding in 3×8 and 3×10

Hand-hewn and pre-finished log siding are two other options many homeowners prefer.

Matching exterior log trim and corner systems, as well as interior trim, are available from our company. Remember: Pine and cedar log siding or pine and cedar paneling can be used on the interior walls to meet your needs. Consult our website’s section on log siding for more details.

Skilled Homeowners Can Do Some of the Work          

Establish more ownership and satisfaction in your home by doing some of the work yourself, or with family and friends. Not only is it fun, but you can also work with basic power tools, and save a bundle of money. All you need is a little woodworking experience and some skills using tools.
If it’s time for you to take the plunge into log home living, investigate log siding construction, the stain of your choice, and the style and color of roofing that sets it off.     

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