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Ideas For Small Log Cabins That Please

Many people dream about living in small log cabins in the woods because they know someone who does, has seen it on TV or has read about it. It seems almost like fantasy and looks so inviting and many do achieve this dream either on the grid or off the grid. Those who participate in building their own cabins experience more ownership and satisfaction while living in them.                                            

How about some small log cabin ideas that please most anyone? They should be helpful in planning and living in yours, including:

  • An awareness of the super benefits of small log cabin living
  • Why a classic log cabin design and layout is a good idea
  • Decorating small log cabins on a budget
  • Choose the best location for your needs and budget
  • Building with pine or cedar log siding and trim

Benefits of Small Log Cabin Living

We can get back to the basics or essentials of home living without making undue sacrifices. Living in a small cabin is a way to escape the clutter and collection of “stuff” in every room, the garage, and the attack. Most small cabin owners report enjoying these benefits:

  • Less Cleaning – Smaller spaces mean less cleaning than a large home with many rooms. Also, there is less dusting and cleaning with fewer décor items and knickknacks. 
  • Less Clutter – It’s not hard to fill spaces with a lot of “stuff” but you can prevent this mistake by thinking about a cabin’s different aesthetic. Natural materials and a classic design can help us avoid messes.
  • Life Quality Improvement – Living in a log cabin just feels ‘different’ and thousands of log cabin owners report renewed happiness and less daily stress. Downsizing can introduce a more comforting and relaxing home atmosphere.
  • Utility Savings – This is a major plus with rising utility rates in many parts of the country. Small cabin living typically turns our thoughts to alternate and renewable energy sources that can be thriftier and more environmentally friendly. 

Use a Classic Log Cabin Design and Layout

There is no standard definition for small cabins but most people think in terms of 500-1,000 square feet sizes. Following a classic log cabin design and layout is a great idea because owners generally never tire of their flexible structure. Traditional windows, a pitched roof, and a front porch work nicely. 

This design provides all the essential living spaces a typical family needs, such as:

  • A functional kitchen with a dining area
  • 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • A family room
  • 1 or 1 ½ bathrooms
  • Storage space
  • A wood-burning stove or fireplace insert

A garage is optional for many people; however its benefits are many, and you should consider building one if it fits within your budget. 

Living in a log cabin just feels ‘different’ and thousands of log cabin owners report renewed happiness and less daily stress. Downsizing can introduce a more comforting and relaxing home atmosphere.

Decorating Small Log Cabins on a Budget

You can have a unique and beautifully decorated cabin without spending a lot of money. Choose some of these simple ideas and add a few of your own:

  • Display your personal or family ‘treasures’
  • Bring more light in with more or large windows to accent your décor
  • Light regular or aromatic candles to provide an atmosphere
  • Create artwork with live plant displays
  • Use old-style kitchen and bath appliances
  • Make or purchase log or leather furniture

You are only limited by your imagination and the ideas of family, friends, and online viewing.

Small Log Cabins Need Just the Right Spot

Be selective when choosing the right lot for your small log cabin, and discuss it with everyone that will live there. Once built, you won’t get a second chance to relocate (with some exceptions). Choose a location that provides all or most of the following:

  • One that does not require expensive and extensive grading
  • The right utilities and available hookups to meet your needs and budget
  • A nice view that will add to your cabin living experience
  • Close or not-so-close neighbors as you desire
  • Away from too many wild animals, when possible

Do enough research and the best location will become apparent. 

Build Your Small Log Cabin with Pine or Cedar Log Siding

Make life easy on yourself by building a small log cabin with pine or cedar log siding and trim. Full round or square logs may look cool, but their material and labor costs are out of reach for many cabin owners. You can avoid high costs and time delays by using quarter log, half log, or premier D-log real wood siding. 

Log siding mounts on both the exterior and interior walls with OSB board or plywood and insulation between them that simulates full log construction. You get a warm cabin with rigid construction throughout that will last for decades.

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