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Is Salesforce Certification Good For Your Career?

Salesforce is very popular among developers and customers. All business areas are moving to the cloud and require unique solutions for their goals and business processes. The platform perfectly copes with automation tasks of any complexity and is extremely easy to use.

We’ll tell you more about the benefits of working with Salesforce and how to build a career in it in this article.

What Is The Strength Of Salesforce?

The number of users of various Salesforce clouds during the existence of the company has grown from 2 million to 70 million. Since 2012, the company has been a leader in the CRM systems market and occupies 20% of the entire industry. Today, Salesforce overtakes such giants as Oracle and Microsoft.

Salesforce is much faster and goes beyond the classic CRM features. The platform is also different in that you can add a lot of things to it – Salesforce is open for expansion by programmers. For example, through the introduction of Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC), it has become much easier for clients to achieve their revenue goals.

Career Path at Salesforce

As of April 2022, there are over 20 different Salesforce professional certifications. Each career stage corresponds to a certain certificate. In the direction of Salesforce, you can start with a basic role of an administrator or developer, and eventually delve into marketing or consulting.

Interested in commerce? Get certified as a CPQ expert. Proper training can help you clear Salesforce certification and become an expert in a certain field. This is the reason that Salesforce training in India is getting more and more popular.

Indeed, skills can be pumped in a variety of directions. However, in this article, we would like to focus on the basic Salesforce roles: Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce admin is a basic and essential role in the Salesforce system. Do not think that the duties of a salesforce administrator include setting up computer networks, operating systems, and so on. The specialist helps users in almost everything.

His/her responsibilities include performing various tasks:

  • Helping users develop various analytics and reports
  • Resetting passwords
  • Maintaining data quality
  • Adding new and editing existing database objects data
  • Performing organizational backups

Salesforce Developer

This career direction is suitable for those who do not like to develop everything from scratch. The platform provides many ready-made components, which can then be improved and customized.  If you enjoy front-end and back-end development equally and want to become a Full Stack Dev, Salesforce is for you. In this position, you can simultaneously engage in UI customization and backend logic that helps automate work with the system.

Salesforce Certification and Your Career

Being a certified Salesforce Professional is important and rewarding if you want to pursue a career in cloud computing. Research has shown that most companies, including those located in India, insist on at least a basic level certification for all job openings.

When we compared the salaries of Salesforce-certified professionals to those with zero certification in India, there was a clear uplift.  There is no doubt that Salesforce certification plays a key role in your career if you want to stay in the space for a while.

But once you’ve decided to get certified, the next step can be confusing. There are several certifications and related classes, and limited information about how Salesforce certification works. There is also a lack of resources to help you understand the next steps and how to prepare for certification.

How To Pass Salesforce Certification?

While there are several paid training courses available for the Salesforce certification, we believe that most applicants can pass the exam with proper preparation. Here are some helpful tips to help you.

Get Help From Official Training Programs: Salesforce offers great training courses for all of its certifications. For example, Salesforce Bootcamp will help you prepare for Salesforce admin certification. The best thing is that it is a free two-part training program, which can be very helpful.

  • Watch Video Tutorials: View all video tutorials on Salesforce.org. These videos are updated regularly. Moreover, it does not matter whether you are in India or the US, these videos are accessible to everyone. Pay attention to these videos and take notes if necessary.
  • Get Training Material Online: There is an endless supply of Salesforce certification training materials available online.  But here’s a little caution. While there are some great community resources, there are others that aren’t as great. Beware of this.
  • Give Yourself Time: Preparing for the Salesforce exam is something you wouldn’t want to do in a day or two. We recommend budgeting at least a month’s worth of preparation to digest the concepts of each section of the test. Study for at least a couple of hours each day and slowly increase the time as the test approaches.

Summing Up

The world of Salesforce is a great opportunity for business growth in digital. More and more companies will continue to interact with the platform. Hence the demand for Salesforce professionals will continue to increase. It is the best time to get Salesforce training as well as certification to enhance your chances of securing a good job.

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