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How Can Dark Data and AI Help In Improving Project Management?

As the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization, the construction industry is adopting the latest trends as well. Well, it is the need of time too. If you want to move with the world, you have to evolve along with it. As different technologies are continuously introduced with each passing day for the ease of the worker, the productivity of the industries is growing as well. In the construction industry, a lot of new technology has entered the market. However, the industry is still lacking and missing the chances on some most useful techs.

During the construction job, different contractors and sub-contractors work together. Every other person has specific tasks to complete whereas they all need to coordinate with each other. Better and smooth coordination will keep the work running smoothly. 

Generally, a contractor has to look after all the necessary details about the project. A contractor has to keep the track of basic and delicate details including building permits, management of workers and tasks, site survey, buying and renting best deal equipment, and waste management. However, it is very difficult to manage everything with limited access to the information.

An experienced contractor knows each possible risk related to the construction job. But when the necessary details are not shared with him, he may lack to solve the unpredictable situations. In this scenario, Dark Data can help him a lot in keeping access and track of all the information.

What is Dark Data?

It is the information about workers, equipment, project details, etc. that an organization collects, process 

Dark Data is the collection, processing, and storing of the data assembled during regular activities by an organization. Regardless of their importance, these collected data generally go unused. In the construction industry, people do not realize that the data can be used for other purposes as well and help them achieve their goals more easily. According to an estimation, only 1% of the dark data is used in the industry, the rest goes wasted.

How can a Dark Data Help the contractor?

As this data collects all the necessary information about the workers and project, it can help the contractors well. He can use them to identify the flaws and risks very easily and can plan a solution earlier. The information will also help him to determine the next step in the project so that he can coordinate with others and make necessary arrangements. The pre-planning of every tsks may help you keep out of trouble. The data can be accessed by using AI tools.

What is an AI tool?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the latest technology used in almost every sector. It is the most advanced tech to mimic human intelligence by using machines such as computer systems.

A construction contractor can use this AI tool by simply operating his smartphone and can access the Dark Data. It would also help in pre-identifying the weather condition. The weather prediction will help him to schedule the construction tasks. The dark data also contain all the information about the workers, so the contractor can use them to coordinate with everyone even if they are working far from him. 

The Dark data coupled with the AI tool also facilitate the contractor to notify their team in an emergency. A single generated message can notify all the scattered workers at once. Further, the construction equipment such as Tadano cranes for sale should be equipped with latest techs so that contractors can track their data as well.

What problems a contractor might see?

Construction contractors, normally face several scenarios at the Jobsite. After tackling multiple projects, they become pretty experienced and can identify the risks before it appears. Although, some unexpected scenarios can also disturb them.

Following are some common difficulties that a contractor has to face at Jobsite.

  • Managing and Updating the Tasks

As the construction contractor has to manage many activities at once, it might be difficult for him to keep them updated. When every worker shares the update of his tasks through email, text messages, and phone calls, then the manager will likely miss them. 

A human error is an obvious reality whereas the task can properly be managed by using AI tools. Each worker will update his task by using the database and it will automatically update the contractor. He will then be able to monitor everyone easily. Further, if any sudden changes and updates arrive, the contractor can easily communicate with the workers by simply notifying them.

  • Task Monitoring

When a contractor is working with multiple subcontractors at once, then he might lose the data to track. He will face trouble keeping everyone in the loop. He might forget which tasks have been done and what is pending. A lot of time will be wasted reviewing different files, software, and tools.

  • Managing all the Key Notes

The construction industry still keeps its data on paper be it a construction plan or contract of the best deal equipment. Although the industry has evolved to much extent, still it is lagging behind some old-fashioned practices. Managing the paper data is way too hectic than usual. The data may be lost, stolen, and damaged due to uncertain conditions.

Whereas, keeping all the data online using an AI tool can save you from trouble. You will still have a backup even if your gadget is damaged or lost. The security you will get from the AI tool is way much better.


In a nutshell, Dark Data is recorded data by an organization to process and store every little information related to the construction, worker, project, and sub-contractors. The data often get unused and lost. Whereas if the contractor uses this dark data coupled with an AI tool, he might take a sigh of relaxation. He manages a lot of stuff at once and hence it is difficult for him to keep everything on track. The digitalization of the industry may increase productivity and make the contractors capable enough to manage the project more efficiently. Bu using the data and AI, he can track the unexpected events at the Jobsite and can notify the workers on an urgent basis. whereas, it will be easy for him to keep different data points on track and updated along with the proper management of different workers and sub-contractors working with him.

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