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When we are preparing to start a new academic year, many parents will choose, as they always do, to consider renewing their commitment with their home tutors. If you are like many parents who use tutoring services at home tutoring in Dubai before, you will definitely agree that home guidance is not a cost -effective choice.

The average house tutor charges a fee between 180 AED – 250 AED per hour, which is equivalent or more expensive than what is worn by the education center for the same service. So, if you think that home guidance is a cost -effective choice, you better think again.

 But the high cost so far is not the only weakness to get home tutor services, but the quality of the services they provide in home tutoring in Dubai.

Most students are left behind in school for various reasons and when you look deeper, you find that the gap in understanding certain topics or concepts is the core of why students print less on quizzes and tests than their classmates. 

However, from prospective students, even though they might enjoy convincing homework support, they will definitely be more dependent on tutors and fewer independent students.

So to be able to determine specific weaknesses in students’ understanding of certain topics or concepts, there needs to be the right tool. Tools tested and adjusted to what students learn at their current class. To arrive at such results.

During the academic year, regular assessments for students who are challenged are possible to ensure that appropriate adjustments are made when needed. Because not all students learn at the same speed, have the ability to measure the progress of the starting point.

In conclusion

 Making the right choice when coming to the educational support of our children is the most important, because this choice eventually forms their overall perception and tendency towards the all learning experiences. The learning window for the first twelve years of school (K-12) is indeed short but is too critical to be left between inexperienced hands.

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