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Get Your Azure Security Certification

Candidates for this Azure Security certification should have experience implementing Azure Security policies in cloud and hybrid settings as part of an end-to-end infrastructure to safeguard identity, access, data, applications, and networks.

An Azure Security engineer’s responsibilities include maintaining the security posture, detecting and remediating vulnerabilities, threat modeling, threat protection implementation, and reacting to security incident escalations. Azure security engineers are frequently part of a bigger team responsible for planning and implementing cloud-based management and security.

Candidates for this exam should have hands-on expertise with Azure and hybrid environments administration. In addition, the candidate should be familiar with infrastructures such as code, security operations processes, cloud capabilities, and Azure services. If you pass this certification exam, you may be eligible for ACE college credit.

About the exam

The exam of Azure Security certification is an associate-level Azure domain certification that focuses on the security aspects of Azure services. Regardless, the exam outline covers many vital areas you should know before using Azure. 

The exam verifies that you can manage and deploy identity and access controls, threat prevention and security controls, and data and application protection in the cloud and hybrid environments as part of end-to-end security enablement.

Who should take this exam?

You can take this exam;

  • If you want to understand more about Azure cloud services security, identity, and encryption
  • If you work in administration or software development and want to move into the security domain, this is the job for you
  • This course is for you if you want to improve your security abilities and learn more about secure cloud workloads.

What will the exam contain?

The Security Technologies Exam takes 210 minutes to complete, including about 30 minutes for surveys and assessments, for a total of 180 minutes. The exam should have roughly 40-60 questions.

The exam can have a variety of structures, such as

  • Multiple-choice and drag-and-drop questions 
  • Questions with only one option cannot be skipped or evaluated. You only get one chance to answer these questions.
  • Questions with only one option (True/False or Yes/No)
  • Questions with multiple answers
  • Arrange the questions in the correct order.

Because it’s an associate-level test, it isn’t easy because it covers various topics and best practices. As a result, before booking the exam, it is recommended that you have at least one year of hands-on experience with Azure Cloud Administration and security procedures in general.

Recommendations for preparation for Azure Fundamentals Certifications

This exam has a lot to cover, and providing you with a list of services or topics to learn would be unfair given the exam’s high standards. However, while studying for the exam, there are some subjects to think about and pay attention to;

  • Private Links vs. Azure Service Endpoints
  • Azure PIM Azure Policy
  • MFA and Azure Conditional Access
  • Managed and User-assigned Identity 
  • Azure AD Connect and Hybrid Configuration
  • Azure Security Center.
  • Sentinel and Logic in Azure

Resource material

The following are the material that you can use 

  • Azure learning path AZ-500 at Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy’s primary differentiator is its hands-on lab environment access, which includes free sandbox access to practice and course and exam questions preparation.

  • AZ-500 Pluralsight Training

Apart from the Azure certification path Pluralsight also provides an AZ-500 training course primarily influenced by Tim Warner and other awesome people who live and breathe Azure. The system should get you started by checking many boxes on the exam outline.

  • Ninja Course Azure Sentinel

If you’re seeking detailed blogs and articles with a hands-on understanding of Azure Security resources, Microsoft has a comprehensive walk-through of Azure Sentinel.

  • Become a member of Visual Studio Dev Essentials

With one month of access, you can use Azure Credit to access cloud resources and training platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight.

  • Labs of the Azure Security Center

Use the Azure Security Center labs to learn about all of the services that Azure’s Security Center resources provide. Also, don’t miss out on the ready-to-use Demo settings for evaluating and analyzing sample data.


The exam to get Azure security certification costs around USD165 (INR 13,000). However, if you finish one of the MS Learn modules, Microsoft will give you a 50% discount on the Azure certification cost.

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