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Everyone has sofas at their place these days, and they’ll be buying themselves a couch, irrespective of size if not sofa. Cushions come along with these but too many or how many is the correct number of cushions for a sofa? Here in this guide, you’ll be getting a clear idea of how many cushions can be placed in different seater sofas.

How many cushions for a two-seater sofa?

As per our interior, you can use up to wooden sofa cushion cover on your two-seater sofa. Use 2 cushions for a minimal look, 3 for your aesthetics, and 4 cushions can help you create a balanced look. 

Using 2 cushions on a two-seater sofa

For those who look for minimal decorating ways, and prefer simplicity you can use 2 cushions on your two-seater sofa. You can place them at each end or slightly at the center to get a perfect symmetric look. This will allow you to have an elegant look. 

Using 3 cushions on a two-seater sofa

For the room aesthetic of your room, you can add odd numbers of cushions and prefer cushions of different sizes, patterns, textures, velvet sofa fabric and designs. You can pair these cushions with bold colors with printed or patterned cushions and get yourself a desired look for your room. 

Using 4 cushions on a two-seater sofa

If you plan on adding many cushions to your sofa you can add up to four cushions to your sofa. You can pair two cushions at each end or depending upon cushion size you can keep three at one end. And another one you can play well with patterns sizes of cushion to get yourself a perfect look. You can get two pairs of two different sizes and get two solids and two patterned cushions.

How many cushions for a three-seater sofa?

You can get yourself cushions from three to six anywhere in between, using three cushions can give you a simple yet elegant look whereas 4 cushions can give you an asymmetric look, adding 5 or 6 cushions are the maximum cushions you can use to get yourself a depth look for your room. 

Using three cushions on a three-seater sofa

You can create a simple and sophisticated look by using three cushions on a three-seater sofa by placing them each on every seater or similar to a two-seater sofa using a pair at one end and another one at the other. 

Using four cushions on a three-seater sofa

You can get yourself a pair of solid large cushions and a pair of striking patterned cushions and place both at each end. You can use a larger and smaller pillow and place them to give an asymmetric look. 

Using five cushions on a three-seater sofa

To place five cushions without making it look crowded you can use different size cushions, layering your cushions sets with different patterns and designs can give you an elegant look. To get yourself an attractive look you cause two pairs at each end and use a different shape at the center of your sofa. Use different shapes at the center can give your sofa an elegant look. 

Using six cushions on a three-seater sofa

These many cushions can make it crowded and you won’t be having a space to sit, using the right shape and size matters the most when you plan on placing so many cushions on the sofa. You can get three pairs of cushions or six different cushions or six different fabrics and patterns but the same color tone. 

How many cushions for your corner sofa?

You can use as many as 9 cushions on your corner sofa, though it totally depends on the size and style of the sofa and the length it is made in, from using 4 cushions you can get a basic and simple look. 6 cushions for a balanced look whereas using 7 to 9 cushions, you can experiment and create a cozy look for your room

Using 4 cushions on the corner sofa

You can get a pair of large cushions and two smaller ones. Placing larger ones at the end and smaller ones at the center can give you a simple and elegant look. You can get the larger one in solid colors and the rest two can be bright. And patterned cushions that can be placed at the center, to look more attractive. 

Using 6 cushions on the corner sofa

Using 6 cushions can give an amazing cozy look at the end of the sofa. Where you can keep pairs of different cushions and use two cushions at the center. This way you’ll be using three pairs of cushions at each end and middle. You can select various shapes, sizes, and colors and experiment with them. 

Using 7 cushions on the corner sofa

The best way to place 7 cushions is to place pairs of cushions at each end. Three at the center, you can use various patterns, colors, and fabric to create a more modern look. The center with three cushions will be your focus point so make sure you add your best one there. 

Using 9 cushions on the sofa

Though 9 cushions seem too many, these are common on large sofas, with so much space available you can experiment. So many patterns and colors and fabrics and make it comfortable and stylish altogether. You can arrange them easily in sets of three at each corner and middle and even play smart. And use a large middle and a small size pillow and place them accordingly. You can have an attractive cushion for the center set for more focus over there. 


Whenever we plan on adding cushions we always think of how many is too many cushions. Guess this article might help you have a better insight on how to add and how many to add to your sofas. Usually, you’ll find people using 2 or 4 cushions on their small sofas, to avoid getting overboard with cushions. The other factors that matter are the size of your sofa. The size of the cushion you plan on using, and what look you are looking for.

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