Create Your Digital Wedding Invite Absolutely Free

Wedding trends come and go, depending on seasons and situations, some stay while some are short-lived. One such trend that made waves during the pandemic and is still hitting the charts is Digital Wedding Invite.  Though, they did exist even way before the pandemic and were quite a thing with couples choosing to go eco-friendly. While the internet is loaded with ideas for digital invites, one may find it hard to find where to create one and that too absolutely free. 

 There are some very creative digital wedding invitation designers online, but they may or may not fit in the budget. To save you some research and time, here is the list of websites. You can create your own wedding invitations online without the help of a designer and escape long waitlists.

Wish N Wed Online Digital Wedding Invitation Maker 

 Wish N Wed has an invitation maker tool that consists of pre-existing design templates, that are user friendly, easy to create and available for instant download.  They are currently offering invites in website format and in JPEG Format. The Video formats though are fully customized and hence do not come under the free category. 

 Wedding websites are absolutely free and they have so much to offer. You can add unlimited details like the event details, your pre-wedding photos & event details. The websites will have a link and you can share the link with your family and friends to share the invite. The JPEG format or the image format can be downloaded instantly and shared by WhatsApp, e-mail and other messaging apps.  There are no free trial limits and you can create as many templates as you like.


 Canva is a great place for all your designing needs, you do not need to be a pro. All you need is to select from a template and put down your details.  Easy to create, user-friendly and stock free design options to choose from. Canva has both free and premium options, while some templates are free to create, use and download, others are paid. Canva does have an option for little animations too, but if you are looking for video invites then they are not available on CANVA as of now.

Adobe’s Spark Post 

 Adobe Spark Post is another design tool like CANVA where you can design your e-invite for free. However, the templates specifically related to weddings are limited, but they do have a lot of colour options. Layouts you can tweak the templates as per your liking and create an awesome looking digital wedding invite. 

Wedivite Wedding Invitation Websites

 Wedivite is a website that specializes in digital wedding invites that are in website form.  You can choose to add and subtract the details from the templates. You can request RSVP, song selections share your wedding album too. The best part is your guests will not need to install any app or anything only open the link.

Greeting Island

 Greeting Island offers templates for wedding invites, save the date, bachelorette party, engagement, rehearsal dinners etc. Customize, download and you are ready to share your digital invite with guests.  They have free templates as well as premium templates to choose from, so depending on what you like from the templates you are free to choose. You can also choose a template that includes pictures. Video Invitations are not yet available for the users.

 Now you are aware of where to create your digital wedding invitations. Here’s a little guide on when should you start sending them out. There definitely isn’t an answer to the questions since all weddings have a different timeline, but the basic rule is to send out Save the Date e-cards at least 6 months in advance.  

 Save the date e-cards are quite helpful since it announces your wedding date so that guests can be prepared in advance for an upcoming wedding. The invite with full details can be sent out later like a month or two before the wedding when you have all the details in place. You can choose to create small wedding cards too since these websites are free to use. You can definitely have fun sharing one digital wedding invite every month so that guests are excited about the nuptials.

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