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Athena EHR – Top Advantages of Athena EHR Software

We had been using GE Centricity for over 15 years before we switched to Athena EHR. Athena was a huge help in streamlining the process of completing patient intake and exam documentation. Not only was the documentation more consistent, but it was also much easier for us to see patients. This software is HIPAA and Meaningful Use 1 and 2 compliant. Read on to learn about this specialty EHR.

Athenahealth is a Specialty EHR

The company was founded in 2007 by Johnathan Bush, a cousin of former President George W. Bush, and Todd Park, a former Chief Technology Officer of the US Federal Government. They first established athenahealth as a women’s health center in San Diego, California. Their clinical outcomes were excellent, but their high costs stifled their growth. As a result, they launched a technology company and later moved their operations to Watertown, Massachusetts.

The athenahealth platform integrates into every aspect of a practice. Patients can view appointment history, access forms, and make payments online. It helps organizations collect better payments and reduce no-shows. Another great feature is the athenaTelehealth, which allows patients to communicate with their physicians in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, athenahealth provides live phone operators to help patients with any questions. The company also provides outreach campaigns tailored to each practice and patient. Its network of doctors connects customers with best practices and benchmark insights, enabling practices to accelerate growth and cultivate high performance.

It is HIPAA and Meaningful Use 1 and 2 Compliant

AdvancedMD, the developer of Athena, is a provider of an EHR that helps medical professionals connect with patients. Its features include access to patient charts electronically, automated updates for ICD-10, HIPAA compliance, and Meaningful Use regulations. The company has earned this certification. Further, it is HIPAA and Meaningful Use 1 and 2 compliant. As such, it is an excellent choice for medical practices and providers.

In terms of security, Athena is a perfect solution. Its HIPAA and Meaningful Use 1 and 2 compliant platform allows you to avoid legal pitfalls that may arise when using it. Athena also allows you to make changes to the data without the need to spend time on customization. Furthermore, it is easy to use and provides decent help desk support. In addition, Athena supports proprietary devices, such as EHRs. While this may be a pain in the neck, Athena does a great job at taking care of Medicare data.

It offers Revenue Cycle Management

Athena EHR is a cloud-based EHR and practice management system that provides services in the areas of revenue cycle management, patient relationships, and insurance eligibility. It is used by over 115,000 healthcare organizations in the U.S., including hospitals, clinics, and physician practices. Its revenue cycle management capabilities include patient eligibility, claims processing, accounts receivable, and revenue cycle reporting. It is compatible with any EHR and integrates with most common health information technology, including EHRs.

Atom Healthcare provides comprehensive revenue cycle management services that span the provider and payer domains. Their revenue cycle management offerings help hospitals focus on core functions. Their services also provide 24 hour customer support, and the company is scalable to meet the needs of an expanding business. Another provider of revenue cycle management services is Anthro Innovations, a group of physicians and revenue cycle specialists. The company’s RevRecover technology uses artificial intelligence to increase payments while decreasing the amount of time spent on rejected claims.

It integrates with Third-Party Billing Systems

Athenahealth, headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, has become a top vendor of health IT solutions. The company offers on-premise and cloud-based solutions for both large and small providers. The company aims to build sustainable healthcare facilities with its clinical equipment, revenue cycle management, care coordination, and professional offerings. In addition to its EHR solutions, the company provides other health IT services like HIPAA compliance tools and meaningful insights.

Athena health offers cloud-based practice management, electronic health records, patient engagement, and revenue-cycle solutions. Its solutions feature advanced analytics, cloud-based technology, and continuous updates. Its solutions are used by more than 115,000 health care providers worldwide. In addition to its EHR solutions, athenahealth offers other features like patient engagement and care coordination. Additionally, it integrates with third-party billing systems.

It has Customizable Templates

Many practices utilize customizable templates to capture clinical data. These templates remind providers about what information they need to capture during a visit. They make it easier to run various types of reports and analysis. The new athenaClinicals templates for Mobius also give users the option to toggle between text and templates. Having templates available in the software can help you save time and keep documentation standardized. The following are some of the reasons to use templates.

While templates are not right for every provider, they are ideal for those who need complete documentation. Physicians are suffering from burnout, and inefficient use of EMRs contributes to that stress. Templates can save hours of documentation for a repetitive procedure. Both athenahealth and Mobius EHR systems support customized templates and customizable notes. If you don’t need customizable templates, you can choose out-of-the-box templates for certain procedures.

It has a Patient Portal

If you want to make your patients happier and more engaged in their treatment, consider Athena EHR’s patient portal. A portal allows your patients to view their health records online, request appointments, and receive practice update reminders. It also lets them access their medicines, test results, and awareness resources. Studies show that patients who feel involved in their care are healthier and more satisfied with their healthcare providers. Therefore, patient portals are important features for any practice.

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The athena EHR patient portal offers many benefits to doctors. Besides improving the patient experience, the portal allows you to automate patient outreach campaigns. For example, you can identify patients who need flu shots. You can customize the portal with your own logo to make it more appealing to your patients. The improved patient engagement leads to increased patient satisfaction and retention. So, get started with the patient portal today. Take advantage of the features it offers!

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