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8 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Home safety is a critical part of owning a house. A home is important because it is where you and your family sleep and keep your valuables. That is why you should keep it safe at all costs. There are various ways of keeping your home safe from intruders. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe at home.

1. Secure your outdoor buildings

Home intruders habitually target outdoor buildings because they are easy targets. Make sure to protect yours with a strong barn door privacy lock and secure windows. Also, consider installing an alarm system on your premises; it will notify you and the police when there is an intruder at your home. Most people have expensive items such as tools and gadgets in outdoor buildings, but they assume their safety.

2. Light up the garden and the front drive

Lighting up the garden at night is a better way to keep off intruders. Home robbers often operate under cover of darkness; therefore, it would be best to illuminate the front and back gardens to avoid them. This will ensure that you and your visitors navigate safely. The best option is to install security lights in your home.

3. See who is at the door

The use of a smart video doorbell is an excellent way to view, listen to, and speak to the person at your door. This allows you to communicate with visitors while you are away from home; you can direct delivery drivers where to place your packages without opening the door. A smart video doorbell can notify you via mobile when there is a motion at your door, even if no sound is heard.

4. Secure the car

If your car isn’t packed in a garage, it may tempt thieves to steal it. Understandably, not all homes have garage spaces, but it is still possible to secure your vehicle. Provide a physical and visual deterrent using driveway bollards or security posts. You can choose retractable posts or simple lock-up posts, which can give you a way out by drooping down on the ground.

5. Keep valuables where they can’t be seen

Make sure to keep your valuables out of sight whenever not in use. You can lock them up or invest in a security store to place your essential belongings. You can also choose to use a safe; pick those with heavy-duty bolts or those that can be attached to floors or walls. An underfloor safe is the best option; it should be hidden from easy view.

6. Upgrade your door and window locks

Vulnerable doors and windows can compromise the safety of your home because intruders will find it easy to enter your house. Make it more difficult for them by investing in high-quality windows and door locks.

7. Increase fence and gate security

Fencing is a critical aspect of safety for a home; therefore, it must be in good condition at all times. Consider fixing trellis panels in your garden and a gate to enhance safety. Ensure that the gate you put up is the same height as the walls and that the fences are constructed securely

Metal gates can be a good option because they are difficult to break or scale, whereas intruders can easily manipulate wooden ones. However, some wooden gates have been well constructed and can offer as much security as their counterparts, metallic gates. Examine the bolt, padlock, and hinges to ensure they are in good working order. Consider installing two different locks to maximize safety.

8. Protect the loft

If you live in a terraced or semi-detached home or a top-floor flat, burglars can break into your home from your next neighbor’s house. Intruders often use the loft hatch as a way, which may happen if there is no wall in the shared loft. Put up flush bolts on your side of the loft to keep away intruders.

Choosing how to secure your home does not have to be a hassle. Get started using these tips. You can do each step at a different time. Identify the strategies that will suit you best and plan for the rest at a later date. The best way to keep your home safe is to cover the security risks.

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