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Your Bundle of Joy Deserves the Best Baby Soap and Baby Shampoo

You want nothing but the best for your baby, from food to toys to diapers and soap. However, finding the perfect baby care products for your newborn might be overwhelming for first-time parents. While most shampoos for babies have been clinically tested and are proven to have no adverse effects, this is not always the case. Most of these include harmful chemicals that damage your child’s health over time, so product selection requires careful attention. Consider the following factors when looking for the best baby soap or baby shampoo.

6 Ways to Pick the Best Baby Shampoo

1. Choose Natural Ingredients.

Baby shampoo keeps your baby’s hair and scalp clean and healthy. Look for one made with natural ingredients like Calendula and Chamomile that take care of your baby’s tender scalp and thoroughly clean it. You should avoid chemical-based shampoos since they may cause irritation and allergic reactions. 

2. Read Labels Carefully.

Before buying bath products for your baby, always read the label to ensure you know exactly what’s inside the bottle. See if it’s been clinically tested and doesn’t have harmful chemicals. If your baby has a general history of allergies, choose a mild baby shampoo that has been dermatologist-tested and paediatrician-recommended.

3. Products from the Same Brand

Most brands design their products to complement one another. Buying products across several brands might not help you get the best results, so it’s best to avoid it. 

4. Avoid Shampoos with Chemical Dyes

Do not use products with artificial colours and fragrances, as they can create significant health problems for newborns. Additionally, since newborns’ scalps and skin are delicate, the colours in shampoos might irritate them. As a result, selecting a dye-free shampoo for your child is critical.

5. Opt for a No Tears Formula.

You don’t want to hurt your child even by mistake. While shampooing, the child gets irritated and cries if shampoo enters his eyes. This is due to surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate that cause irritation and a stinging sensation. To avoid this, opt for a chemical-free, no-tears formula shampoo. 

6. Choose Shampoos with a Neutral pH.

The pH scale is used to find out the relative acidity or alkalinity. Baby hair products should not be too alkaline or acidic. Baby shampoo with a neutral pH will be gentle on your baby’s scalp while effectively washing their hair. 

How often should a baby’s hair be washed?

You may wonder if babies require shampoo for their tiny little hair. Yes, using a natural shampoo for your baby will help build a healthy scalp. Depending on their age, shampooing your child’s hair frequently is necessary. Toddlers’ hair should be washed up to three times a week, while children’s hair should be washed once a week. You’ll need to wash your child’s hair more regularly as they get older because dirt and sweat tend to build upon the scalp.

Try Lotus Herbals BABY Gentle Cleansing Shampoo. Enriched with Chamomile and Calendula extract, it gently cleans the scalp and is 100% safe. The product does not contain PEGs/Phthalates and synthetic fragrances and colours that may irritate the baby’s skin.

The Wrap Up

Skin and hair care for your baby is a concern you should not disregard. It’s crucial to check that the products you use during these early years don’t have any harmful side effects. 

Lotus Herbals baby products are highly recommended by paediatricians and are widely used by moms. Its sulfate-free products are made with natural ingredients and are free of preservatives, parabens, and petroleum. 

We hope your search for the best baby soap and baby shampoo is over. We’re sure that you’ll make the best choice for your baby by choosing organic, toxin-free baby care products.

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