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Why should you go to Jazz dance classes in San Diego?

People can discern a jazz dance form from other dance styles by the motion and ‘jazz hands.’ However, to completely understand what jazz dance is and how it is performed, you need to dig a little deeper. The style of Jazz dance form resembles the jubilant and experimental nature of Jazz music. 

Jazz dance’s history is intriguing and lengthy at the same time. The dance style derives its structure from different dance and music styles from daily American life. On account of this, dancers worldwide prefer to learn this popular dance form. 

What are the different kinds of Jazz Dances?

There are myriad dance styles that are included in a jazz dance form. However, a few steps suit the jazz dance’s subgenres taught in jazz San Diego classes san Diego

  • Swing Dancing:

Swing dancing emerged amidst the roaring twenties and evolved during World War II. Still, today swing dancing remains the new dance style that almost everyone is willing to learn. Besides, the dance style is inspired by Jazz and African American culture. Here, the dancer will lift, flip, and spin their partner. Other forms are West Coast Swing, the Linda Hop, and East Coast Swing. 

  • Classical Jazz:

While this dance form is completed influence by classical ballet choreography and techniques, it instills movement with strong and clean lines. These movements and lines originate from the hips and chest. Classical JazzJazz represents jazz dance in its best form.

  • Contemporary Jazz 

The most special form of JazzJazz, the popularity of contemporary JazzJazz, can be credited to famous dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance. This dance form encourages aspiring dancers to break the rigid dancing conventions or foundations that are restricted to ordinary movements. So, if you’re willing to flaunt your creative storylines and authenticity, you can enjoy this dance form. 

  • Commercial Jazz 

Commercial JazzJazz is catching on lately- it’s a blend of JazzJazz, the latest dance moves, and hip hop. It’s one of the best dance forms for people who are willing to display any specific tricks or moves. Go for this genre- if you want to rock the floor.

  • Latin Jazz

As the name suggests, the famous Latin Jazz is inspired by Latin American and Latin dance forms. These dance forms are derived from African and European forms. In this case, you follow the Latin dancing steps and a few elements included in JazzJazz- when dancing with a partner. The genre is a blend of isolation and hip movements due as it is Latin based. 

Want to dance to different types of Jazz music and dance songs? All you’ll have to do is follow a few instructions and show an eagerness to learn. 

Dance costumes and shoes are two crucial aspects determining how well you can dance to Jazz songs. Wear clothes that allow ample movement and can enable the dance instructor to view your body’s flow. 

Jazz dance costumes should hug the dancer’s body tightly, yet these costumes should be stretchable enough to allow flexible moves. You can reach out to San Diego Dance Studio to learn about Jazz timings and costumes. 

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