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Why Should the US Healthcare Providers Use Digital Patient Forms?

If you own a clinic or hospital and want to streamline the processes to improve productivity and patient care, then do not skip this article. Here, you will get to know about the amazing work that electronic health record vendors have done. Using physical paper forms is time-consuming and wastes money as well. This is why electronic health record vendors have developed patient health record software. So, if you want to go a step ahead of physical forms, then start using digital patient forms.

Patient health record software can be used like an online portal that contains all the information relevant to the patient’s medical history. This means that your patients do not have  to wait for long  when they visit your clinic or hospital. Eliminating paper forms can not only improve the patient experience but help you automate the processes and make the workflow efficient. Apart from saving time and improving productivity, you can control costs as well. 

Paper forms need to be in stock in the hospital or clinic. If they run out of numbers, you can not register new patients or maintain their records as well. To ensure that the paper forms are available in the clinic or hospital, you have to spend a lot of money on buying the paper and printing them. Well, this is not it. Paper forms have other unignorable issues too that can impact badly on the productivity of your clinic or hospital. They can be mixed with other forms, easy to tamper with, insecure, and many others as well. 

Digital Patient Forms are Reliable

As compared to paper forms, digital forms are reliable as they offer many useful features to healthcare providers and patients as well. Patients do not have to provide their personal information publicly now. They can use the digital forms through their smartphones and provide the information. This information can only be accessed by authentic users that include doctors and other specific staff. So, digital forms are more secure than paper-based forms.

You do not need to use the cabinets of your clinic or hospital to store patient files anymore. Instead, you can use the cloud or the storage of your systems to maintain patient records. These can be instantly provided to the doctor whenever required. So, the use of digital forms improves the quality of care as doctors can provide treatment to patients without any delay. Therefore, it is time to replace physical forms with digital patient forms.

Benefits of using Digital Forms

With a digital form, patients do not need to use a pen and paper. Filling out a paper form is not only problematic but frustrating too. Moreover, manual form-filling leads to providing inaccurate information which is frustrating for the hospital and dangerous for patients. On the other hand, digital forms have many benefits, let’s explore some of them:

Save Valuable Time

By automating the processes of your clinic or hospital, you can save valuable time. With digital forms, you can automate processes that enhance productivity. When using paper forms, patients fill the forms and the staff transcribes the information into the patient’s chart. This process takes a lot of time and effort that could be spent on providing care to patients. The use of digital forms eliminates these time-taking processes. 

Accurate Patient’s Chart

With manual form-filling, hospital staff has to transcribe each form to create patient files. This is not only time-consuming but prone to errors and mistakes as well. Therefore, the need for an accurate documenting method is a necessity in hospitals and clinics. Using a digital form is a better alternative to manual form-filling. Patients can easily fill out the digital forms and there is no need to transcribe the information into their files. 

Improves Security

Securing the information of patients is among the most important goals of healthcare providers. Unfortunately, this is not possible when collecting patient information on a paper form. So, the healthcare industry needs a more secure platform that ensures the security of patient information. This is where digital forms come into play. They make sure that all the information of your patient is safe. 


The Healthcare industry should eliminate the use of paper forms because manual data collection is not only frustrating but prone to errors as well. Therefore, healthcare providers should use digital forms as they are secure and easy to use

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