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Why is Social WiFi Marketing Attracting the US Business Owners?

As a business owner, it is very important to stay on top of the competition. The competition in the business industry is fierce whether it is any other brand store or the online presence. The products of your brand might be of high quality but you need something extra to boost your sales. For this, you need to use the right marketing strategies that could help in attracting more customers. This is where social WiFi marketing can help your business grow as it adds something extra to your business. 

To enjoy the benefits of WiFi marketing, you need to have a business WiFi. You will be offering free WiFi to every visitor that comes to your shop. This will engage people with your brand and they will not go to your competitors as the free internet is what no one can ignore. Visitors need to provide their social information to access the internet. This information is captured by your business WiFi and analyzed for sending promotions. 

It acts like a captive portal tool that directs users to the WiFi landing page of your brand. When users land on your brand’s WiFi landing page, they get to see all your products. WiFi marketing not only lets users explore your brand but helps you understand your customers too. This helps you in knowing the interests of your customers. When you know the interest of your customers, you know which products will get their attention, and you can send promotions to your customers accordingly. 

Social WiFi Marketing Enhances Growth

Like a simple WiFi connection, a business WiFi also allows smartphones to connect with it. The only difference is the connection procedure. Users have to provide their social credentials when they are connecting with a business WiFi. As far as marketing is concerned, WiFi marketing is a game-changer. It provides your brand the ability to connect with customers without bothering them. So, if you want your brand to grow rapidly, you should not ignore this growth-oriented advertisement strategy. 

You might get wondered that more than 95% of people prefer going to the shop where they get free WiFi to use. It not only attracts people for one time. You get repetitive sales with a business WiFi in your shop. The biggest advantage is that by giving customers what they want, you encourage them to stay longer in your shop and buy more. So, with a business WiFi, you can enhance the growth of your brand without spending much.

Normally, marketing strategies can disturb your budget but this is not the case with social WiFi marketing. Let’s see why is it getting the attention of business owners:

Personalized Marketing

Customers can get bothered by generic marketing messages. They expect high engagement from brands. So, you should send engaging and personalized marketing messages to improve the customer experience. Moreover, it will make your marketing effective and relevant. As WiFi marketing helps you gather data of users so, you can analyze the data and generate personalized messages that can attract your customers. 

Boost your Brand Reach

Business WiFi is a captive portal tool that can boost your brand’s reach. From social media platforms to online shopping, WiFi marketing can direct and push customers through the sales funnel. Moreover, you can send targeted messages on the number or send an email whenever a customer logs in. This helps in directing the customer to your brand’s website which leads to increased sales. 

Online Reviews

One of the most important factors for your business is reviews as they enhance the growth of your business. They are very important for creating brand awareness and getting new leads. With organic reviews, you have social proof that your brand is providing quality products to customers. With WiFi marketing, you can get reviews from your customers conveniently. Customers can give their feedback while they have just purchased something from your brand. 

Track Your ROI

Knowing the exact figures of return on investment is very crucial for business owners. This makes it clear for them if they are earning any profit or not. Social media logins through business WiFi help you track the traffic on your business website. This lets you calculate customer acquisition, visits on the website, and conversion rates as well. By analyzing these factors, you can get to know which products are working for your business and which are not. 

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