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Why Is Rockspace WiFi Extender Firmware Update Necessary & How?

The Rockspace extender is a signal booster & wireless extended coverage network device. It works completely as a dual-band network then delivers the greatest & fastest Wi-Fi network. The wireless coverage of this extender is extended & completely boosted. This extender device v=boost the internet connection in up to 1292 sq. ft. network coverage. The wireless range of this extender completely supports 20 devices. The Rockspace WiFi extender is entirely compatible with WiFi 5 routers. It delivers power WI-Fi range 300 Mbps in the 2.4GHz network & 433Mbps in the 5GHz network. The network range delivers a reliable network connection. It expands the existing wireless signal; coverage for your mobile phone, IP camera, doorbell, PC, laptop, & more devices. 

The Gigabit Ethernet port is built-in in the Rockspace extender that provides the facility for wired devices. The compatibility of the range extender is superior & universal. All WiFi 5 routers easily establish the connection with this range extender/repeater device. To amplify the standard router network range, the rockspace wifi extender setup is essential. Without an extender setup, you cannot enjoy the router’s network signals. The range extender offers ultra-stable network performance for video consoles, online gaming, & streaming 4K videos. 

What does orange light mean in Rockspace WiFi Extender?

The Rockspace range extender comes along with an indicator LED light. This LED light indicates various colors. If the LED light indicates green that means the connection between the range extender & standard router is good. But if the LED light status is red that means the standard is long distance from the extender device. 

The smart indicator LED light is usually more useful for the range extender’s user. Because with this LED light, users easily & quickly find the status. If the network signal is slow then the signal’s LED light of the range extender indicates red. Moreover, if the LED light indicates orange that means the firmware of the range extender is outdated. 

Why is Rockspace WiFi Extender Firmware Update necessary? 

The Rockspace wireless dual-band range extender offers a reliable network connection in the entire home. With the Wi-Fi range, you can simply amplify the standard router Wi-Fi range. But if unfortunately, the Wi-Fi range of the range extender indicates the orange then the network signals are slow. With the orange LED light status, you cannot be able to watch a 4K video, & not play a gaming console. 

The orange LED light indicates the range extender’s firmware version is out-of-date. To enhance the network range, you should update the rockspace extender firmware. If you upgrade the firmware, then you can enjoy ultra-stable transmission speed. Thus, to access high-speed network signals, a firmware update is necessary.

How to update the Rockspace WiFi Extender firmware?

If you wish to fix the orange LED light status, then you need to update the range extender firmware. Without updating the firmware, you cannot fix the orange LED light status. Here are some instructions to update the range extender firmware. 

Install the computer to the extender’s network

To update the extender firmware, you need to access the login page. To access the login, you should connect your computer device to the range extender network. You can simply install the computer device to the range extender network. The Ethernet port is here on this range extender device. Then, in the port, you can simply insert the Ethernet cable & ready the connection. Additionally, for this connection, you make sure the computer device location. For the wired connection, you must place the computer device closer to the extender. Then with the Ethernet cable simply establish the connection. 

Access the Rockspace extender’s login page

After installing the computer device with the range extender network, you have to reach the rockspace extender login page. For this, you have to navigate the web browser in your network-connected computer device. From or re.rockspace.local, you absolutely & directly visit the range extender’s login page. On this page, you have to write the login details to properly log in to the extender. Just mention the login username as well as password & click the login option. 

Update the Rockspace extender firmware

On the web management after login into the range extender, you will get the advanced setting option. Just click the advanced option, & then select the system tools. Under the system tools, you have to choose the firmware update option. By using the browse option you have to input the new file in the available field. Then, with the new firmware file, you absolutely upgrade the firmware version. To upgrade the version, you have to click the upgrade option. Now, the firmware of the Rackspace range extender is completely upgraded. 

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