Why is QA important in the web development process?

Why is QA important in the web development process?

Why is QA important in the web development process?

When end-users use a web app or website, Quality Assurance guarantees a proper user interface and the best possible quality.

A website or  a web app which works as a business counter to any of the online company. As a result, it must be the main focus of simplicity and flexibility. A website can be highly straightforward and attractive design, so if it doesn’t perform as intend or is load with annoying errors, it will drive away customers.

When end-users access a web app or website, Quality Assurance (QA) guarantees a functional user interface and also the highest suitable user experience. It goes over a website or web application to see if any problems were ignore during the design and development process. PSD2HTML provides quality management, and testing is a significant part of the web development process. However, in most cases, quality assurance requires:

  • Requirements assessment
  • Assessment of the design
  • Functionality Testing

1.    Requirements Assessment

All across the development phase, requirement testing is necessary to guarantee that the project team fulfills all of its mission objectives. Requirement assessment needs to consider the client’s specified needs and any design materials that the client has accepted. The website QA testing develops a list containing expectations and needs and applies them to analyze a website’s layout, prototyping, and/or alpha version.

2.    Design Review

Design testing is a multi-faceted procedure involving browser and mobile testing activities. The look of the website or app is examine during design testing. The QA tester analyses if the web app’s or website’s design and experience are relevant to the proposed design and overall look while reviewing the design.

3.    Functionality Testing

The UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of a web app or website are both reviewe during functional testing. It is generally the last step in the Quality Assurance testing process. It’s a comprehensive procedure that guarantees that every link, button, form, and other tool works properly. The website or app is test on a different browser and system to ensure that the end-user has no issues in browsing or using it.

What Is the Importance of Quality Assurance?

Any process that needs to deliver a high-quality product needs to have quality assurance. Even once development is finish, QA testing must be do regularly. As a result, you’ll be able to notice and fix any problems that arise in your website or web application regularly. Regular QA testing has lots of advantages, including the following:

  • QA Assures that your web service or website is perfect in working order.
  • QA Testing Can Help You Improve Your Customer Experience
  • QA Testing helps to prevent mishaps.


QA is important during the development process of websites and online applications and should not be neglected. It assures that your product’s accessibility, functionality, and performance are all the best. All website development businesses should invest in a QA team that will communicate with project developers, UI/UX designers, and customers to provide high-quality products and solutions built from the ground up.

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