Why Facebook Ads? Best way to generate target leads

With over 2 billion active users,  Facebook  is the king of social networks. Users go there to chat with friends, but also to discover new brands and products. Which makes it a huge reservoir of potential customers. This is why more than 60 million companies have a page on this social network.

However, only 6 million of them use its advertising function, Facebook Ads. Big mistake! This is the only way to reach a larger audience and attract leads on Facebook.

Facebook ads: presentation of the tool

Facebook ads  is an advertising tool that allows a business to deliver sponsored posts to users. These are not necessarily part of your Facebook community and are targeted according to their activity on and off the platform. This tool also takes into account demographic data, geographic location and information contained in target profiles.

How Facebook Ads work? 

The advertiser creates an ad, sets a budget, and bids for every click or thousand impressions they receive. Facebook ads allow you to choose between  boosting a publication  or  promoting a page or a website . These features can be set up by the owner of the page, or by a facebook ads agency that puts facebook advertising campaigns for these customers.

Who is this online advertising tool for?

Another advantage of Facebook ads remains its ease of use and its affordable cost for all budgets. Only with  30 cents can you start an advertising campaign on Facebook. Which makes it a tool for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Whether you are an e-commerce, an SME, a large company or a local business, facebook ads must be part of your strategy. Especially if you want to increase your sales and strengthen your brand image. The ideal is to approach a facebook ads agency to define the procedure to follow and also make your investments profitable in the best possible way.

Why use facebook ads?

80% of Internet users use Facebook. The social network is deliberately decreasing the reach of organic posts. To extend it, you must necessarily go through advertising. It saves you more qualified leads and amplifies your brand’s voice. Find a facebook agency to develop a social ads strategy to conquer your target market with facebook ads.

The advantages of Facebook ads

40% of Facebook users don’t “like” any business page, which means advertising is the only way to reach them. Facebook ads offer great targeting capability. You can reach a specific audience based on their interests, behaviors, age groups, connections, locations or languages. You can even target your competitors’ subscribers. As a result, you drive  more qualified leads  into your buying journey.

Ads are created with specific goals. So you can either  increase engagement on your posts or your sales. Through a click-through campaign on your website, you direct users to your sales funnel.

By promoting your page, you get discovered by more users. The  reputation  of your brand increases. In addition, for consumers who have already visited your website, without having been converted, you can retarget them with facebook ads. In addition, the tool provides you with relevant data to  analyze the performance of your campaigns  and adjust the situation if necessary. The facebook CTR is one of the KPIs that you need to analyze to measure the performance of your ads.

A business that is serious about increasing sales today shouldn’t be limited to TV, radio or sign advertising. She must have recourse to the internet and in particular to social networks to make her business flourish. One of the best ways to advertise on social media is undoubtedly  Facebook Ads .

What are the advantages of this online ad manager?

Target a qualified audience

Facebook is a social network on which millions of people are registered. Thanks to its algorithms, this network has the necessary means to analyze the data of the various users. This mainly allows them to be  classified according to many criteria. These include, among others, age, gender, nationality, interests, religious and political views, etc.

By using Facebook ads to  manage your online advertising , you will be sure to be able to reach a quality target. In fact, thanks to data analysis, the majority of people who will be reached by your advertising are those who are likely  to use your services.

Facebook advertising can increase your sales

Advertising using the Facebook Ads advertising manager is the first way to  reach many people . To this, we must add that Facebook makes it possible to reach a qualified target. This will initially allow you to increase your prospects . Over time, you will be able to  convert  the vast majority of  your  prospects into customers. You will increase your sales tenfold and therefore your turnover will increase considerably. To take advantage of it, you have the option of using a Facebook ads agency.

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The results are fast

Another advantage of facebook ads is the fact that this type of advertising allows you to have  extremely fast results . Indeed, the advertisements are generally in the form of video and diffused in the stories, in the news feeds, etc. Because of this, millions of users will see them, especially those who are likely to like and buy your product. If they are interested, they will not hesitate to  contact you immediately  for more information on your products and services. This will give you results almost as soon as your ad appears.

Facebook ads increases your notoriety

With Facebook ads, ads are almost naturally introduced  to news feeds and stories . Poll advertising, for example, is very interesting because it will greatly increase your notoriety  among Internet users . In addition, the human brain tends to subconsciously register what it sees. Even if an Internet user does not need your services, when one of his relatives needs them, he can directly think of you and  recommend you.  So it is undeniable that Facebook is a great medium to make your products known to many people.

facebook ads advertising

Facebook advertising: what to remember

Facebook ads is an advertising manager whose first advantage is to allow you to reach a really qualified target. The more people you reach, the more your sales will increase , which will allow you to  multiply your turnover . In addition, this advertising manager allows you to have immediate results while increasing your notoriety. To benefit from all these advantages, you can simply use a facebook agency.

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