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Why does The Podcast Host care about NFTs?

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of NFTs for podcasters.

Already, the term NFT Podcast is divisive. As bizarre and expensive a fad as it is, there are many reasons to doubt, criticise, and potentially write them off as a fad. That may yet be the case!

However, another possibility is that they could live up to their potential. The hefty hurdles that stand in their way, some or all of them. This is why I wanted to explain how I became interested, and why I think we should try out some of these possibilities.

NFTs interest us primarily because they could… could… give creators more control over how their art is shared and funded.

These same creators would be able to provide much more to their own communities, building loyal, trusting fans around their art, and giving them more than just art.

Let me briefly describe how that might work, and then I will explain why it isn’t quite there yet.

Content Creation That Is Unique, Collectible

On a basic level, they are a way of creating genuinely unique and collectible content on the web. This is something that doesn’t really exist yet.

Currently, you can release an episode anywhere and all over the world. Your content can still get out, even if it is behind a paywall. The problem of piracy persists.

NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and give your audience something they can relate to. If you create good work, you can benefit from this value if you grow a loyal community around it.

Utilitarian content

However, that’s only the beginning. Utility is also available. As a result, any NFT may include coded functionality that makes it the owner’s tool, or a key to access other resources and tools. NFTs can be membership cards for communities, catalogs of content, or courses. There are various kinds of access passes, ranging from online games to sports tournaments. An ID can allow someone to own a part of an organization, cooperative, or trust, and be able to vote on the direction of that organization.

This utility allows us to offer so much to our listeners, our readers, our viewers… our fans… more, generate more trust and loyalty, and make our message even more widely known. 

Opportunities for Creativity

It’s finally a creative idea! Blockchain and creative art don’t have to go together, but they do go well together. Through the ownership and utility that the blockchain provides, generative art becomes so much more compelling. It is so exciting to see how you can use generative audio as a creative tool to create really cool stuff around your podcast, and that is what really got me excited. As a first example, what we’ve put together is pretty basic, but I’m planning to publish many more ideas on how to use it in the future. It gives you the ability to create stories, resources, and interviews. The possibilities are endless. 

“Should I go into them right now?”.”

I will be honest, I think there is still a very big “if” in all of this. 

In their current form, NFTs have some major issues.

Their impact on the environment, security, accessibility, and copyright. In the following paragraphs, I’ll focus specifically on the environment. 

Nevertheless, it is still early. I know, I know. Currently, Orville and Wilbur are testing out their first few versions of the bed with wings. 

Right now, I don’t think most podcasters should get into this field.

There are too many questions and too few benefits right now. Can you imagine getting into the Wright brothers’ first aircraft and launching it off a cliff…? I doubt it will fly!

Our readers are interested in this, pondering it, and preparing for it.

We are here to help you guys with whatever you need in relation to your podcast.

Thus, we became interested in the topic, and we started researching, writing and creating in order to be able to help. And that’s what we’re doing. I believe NFTs offer the potential to grow a community, offer so much to them, and earn from the content you create.

Blockchain could achieve its goal if the community can find a way to solve the existing issues (and I think many are working on it). Let us know when you need assistance.

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