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Why Are Luxury Apartments in Kolkata in Huge Demand

Now that the covid era has come to a standstill, people are back into the business. The latest growth can be witnessed in the real estate market. And, homebuyers are quite enthusiastic about investing in real estate. 
With the launch of new houses in sales, Kolkata is witnessing a trend of buying luxurious apartments. Home purchase affordability is one of the core factors influencing the sale of luxury apartments

Luxurious apartments in North Kolkata

There has been an increase in opportunities near places like Dum Dum and Lake Town in North Kolkata. Along with that, EMB bypass and Jessore road have also witnessed a steady growth story. Real estate marketers are thankful for the metro connectivity, which has helped the sector put its best foot forward.  

According to real estate groups, this connectivity has provided an additional edge to the demand in Dum Dum and Lake Town. In a way, we can say that wherever the metro is going, the real estate market is simply following the path.

These apartments by Srijan Realty are known for their high-end social amenities, and the list includes a hospital, restaurant, swimming pool, and health care facilities, like gyms and shopping malls. Some even include educational institutions. Thus, people are looking forward to living an easy lifestyle.

Luxurious apartments in South Kolkata

Talking about the southern part of Kolkata, Garia, and areas like New Town, Rajarhat has also taken an escalating graph. The luxury lifestyle projects transform Kolkata into a Porsche area, and individuals are willing to invest in it. Now, it is time to welcome elite Kolkata. 

Kolkata is a city of joy and NRIs are interested in investing in luxurious apartments in Kolkata to move in with the family. Other than that, they plan to rent out to locals or use it as a business place. For them, luxury would be the perfect aspect to meet their general needs and foreign lifestyle.

Overseas buyers only invest in luxurious flats and clubs in Kolkata – they prefer Alipur and South Kolkata flats in Bhawanipur. These have good amenities and the perfect location for plush villas and bungalows. The High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) also prefer the Ballygunge area, and they favor duplex flats that are near airports. At present, penthouses are selling like hot cakes in the market.

The trend in buying luxury apartments

Based on the current report, around 75% of people are willing to buy luxurious property. And, these are more than 5 crore investments. Places like Kolkata are holiday destinations, and many individuals are eager to buy luxury properties in India’s top cities. Luxurious homes include city apartments, holiday homes, and premium commercial real estate.

69% of the home buyers choose luxurious city apartments or villas that are included within the bracket of 10 to 25 crore. The rest, about 21%, prefer 5 to 10 crore, and 10% prefer 25 crore investment in the real market. At present, 29% of the respondents are willing to spend on the right vacation home, which is about 10 crore.

There has been a rise in budget bandwidth and location options in Kolkata. People are willing to move into “ready to move in” flats that were previously under construction during the peak Covid.

What is the meaning of luxury homes in the real estate sector?

It is a particular category where you get the apartment in a premium location with additional amenities and the ones you get in regular apartments. It also has an excellent social infrastructure and will occupy the new-age smart home technologies. 

This is not only about the pool and club but also the impressive internet of things. Luxury house design has a sustainable architecture with smart mode lighting and voice-enabled automated home to make your luxurious living seamless

Along with tangible elements; the intangible components are equally important. And, luxurious apartments have a stronghold in this part. Luxury apartments in Kolkata are close to nature with complete safety, and serenity is inclusive of this category.

We live in a digital age, and as a homeowner, you must also look for cutting-edge technology to ensure complete safety. Luxurious homes have augmented reality, smart meters, transformative evolutions in terms of biometrics on main doors, and gas leakage sensors. They also have Wi-Fi routers, panic buttons, and a safety integrated kitchen. So, even if you have to work from home, a luxurious apartment won’t make the experience frustrating.


Real estate markets were struggling with unsold inventories about a week ago, and they were about to witness a loss in sales margin. But, with the change in taxation options and easy-to-buy apartment mode – these have been the main USP to enhance the market value of the flats.

But, before you invest your money, always opt for personal verification of your location. You cannot put the entire amount of money at stake. When real estate marketers state luxury apartments, ask them to define the special amenities they are providing. 

Buying an apartment means living in a diverse community, and you cannot ignore the neighborhood. So, choose your neighborhood companions wisely to spend your time without being bothered. For professional guidance on luxury apartments, browse through Srijan Realty.

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