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Which scheme is best under Mirae Asset Mutual Fund?

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the most recognized Mutual fund houses in the country. The current asset under management of this fund house is around Rs. 99672 crores spread across 49 lakhs of folios and a monthly SIP book of Rs. 844 crores. There are more than 20 branches of this fund house across India. 

Mirae Asset offers different mutual fund schemes ranging from equity, debt, hybrid funds to growth funds, and all other types of schemes. Amongst all the schemes, Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund is one of the top-performing schemes of this fund house. 

What is Mirae Asset emerging bluechip fund?

Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund is an open-ended equity fund scheme that invests in both large caps as well as mid-cap companies’ stocks. The fund has 35%-65%+ asset allocation, that is it invest around 35 to 65% of the fund’s AUM in large-cap companies and another 35% to 65% in mid-cap companies. Here large-cap companies are the first hundred companies in the country by market capitalization and then the midcap ones are the next 150 companies by market capitalization. 

The name of the fund synch with the investment goal of the fund is to invest in companies that are going to bluechip companies in the future. 

The investment approach of the fund

Mirae asset emerging bluechip scheme is managed by Mr Neelesh Suran since when the fund came into existence and then Mr Ankit Jain joined hands in 2019. The fund has a bottom-up investment approach where the fund invests in businesses that are of supreme quality (fundamental quality) up to a reasonable price. So, this fund follows the value investment strategy where you invest when the price is lower but the intrinsic value is high and wait for the stocks to reach the intrinsic value. This fund requires a long-term commitment. So, if you are planning to invest in this Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund direct growth then make sure, you are planning it for a long period. 

Fund’s Facts

Here are some of the important details about the fund – 

  • The expense ratio of the fund – For the regular plan, the expense ratio is 1.74% while for the direct plan it is 0.71%. 
  • Maximum investment through SIP is allowed up to Rs. 2500 per month for investors who are registering at present. 
  • The benchmark index that this fund track is Nifty Large Midcap 250 (TRI). 
  • The recommended time horizon that is for how long you should stay invested in this fund is around three years. 
  • The NAV of the fund as of 14th March 2022 is 100.675. 

Who should invest in this Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund direct growth?

Investors looking for wealth creation using large and midcap stocks and have at least 3 years in hand to stay invested in this fund can opt for this scheme.

Mirae asset emerging bluechip returns

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct-Growth
1 year 16.7%
3 years22.2%
5 Year18.8%
Since Inception23.8%

The fund has performed well since its inception and is one of the best performing funds in the category as well. 

Example of Return calculation:
Suppose, you invest Rs. 10000 in this fund per month for 5 years and taking the return since inception that is 23.8% you can accumulate Rs. 11,56,449 by the end of the fifth year against the investment of Rs. 6 lakhs. 

While investing in this fund make sure you check the expense ratio and other cost and hidden charges. Also, keep in mind that your investment in this fund can reap great results in the long-term in at least 3 years to 5 years. So, after thoroughly analyzing the fund and your investment goals, decide about the fund.

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