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Which floor tiles you should choose for home?

Are you thinking of tiling  your home? It is always better to choose tiles that are best matched with the aesthetic appearance of your home. Choosing of right tile is a tricky task and you have to select the tiles that suit complement your home design. You should know the quality of the tiles to make your home appearance good. Tiles protect your home surface. Tiling your home change the atmosphere of your home. You will get a boost to the value of your home as well. So, it is important to choose the right size, quality and design for your home floor tiles.

It is not easy to select the right tiles because there is a massive variety of tiles in the market and you have to take the decision after finding several things. .

Consider these things before buying tiles 

There are many things that you should be kept in mind, and they will be helpful for you.

  • Budget-friendly: What is your budget? You have already spent a lot of money to build your house. You need to maintain your budget. There are many professional companies that send their Tilers in Perth to help you to provide tiles in your budget.
  • Easy to clean and non-slippery property: Always select the floor tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. Most tiles have a slippery property that is the cause of different incidents and injuries. Make sure that you should use those tiles that have non-slippery properties.
  • Durability and its condition: Some tiles have cracks caused by bacteria and germs. The condition of the floor tiles matters the most. You have to spend a lot of money on buying tiles. It is important to check its durability.
  • Area wise tiles: Firstly, you should know which area you are buying tiles. A high footed area needs a different type of tile than bathroom tiles.
  • Select according to your theme: What is the theme of your home? Select the floor tiles according to your taste.¬†

Different areas need different types of tiles.

Your house has rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. All these need different types of tiles. 


The kitchen is the area in the house that needs non-slippery material of tiles. Kitchen floor tiles have to bear a lot of pressure, such as hot water and many other things. So, it is important to buy durable tiles for your kitchen renovation. The most common tiles used in the kitchen are ceramic and terracotta. Different tiles are used in the kitchen, but golden or brown are the most commonly used colours.

Bathroom tiles 

The bathroom is a moisturized area in the house. Bathroom tiles are not easy to clean and maintain. Also, check the durability of the tiles. The best tiles used in bathrooms are ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles, and there are many other options too

Room tiles

Rooms are the main attraction to guests. Different people use a variety of designs and colours to make their rooms beautiful. Marble tiles have been the most commonly used floor tiles in the past years. 

Variety of tiles

There is a large variety of floor tiles. Different tiles have different types of qualities. This article will be helpful to decide the durability, quality and reliability of tiles.

  1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles: These tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Dust can easily clean from house cleaning products. Ceramic tiles are stain resistance tiles. If you have children in your home, it is important to check the non-slippery p[property of tiles. Ceramic tiles have all these properties. One of the specialties of ceramic tiles is that their colours did not expose even them to sun rays.
  2. Marble tiles: There are a variety of features that are found in marble tiles, such as hardness, different colours, resistance and solubility. It is also important to check its durability. You can easily clean the marble tiles with a cotton fabric and warm water. It gives uniformity and thickness in addition it can be cut in different sizes according to your need. Marble tiles have been the most commonly used floor tiles in the past years.
  3. Glass tiles: These tiles are commonly used in bathrooms. It gives the bathroom an elegant look and is easy to clean. But these tiles are expensive ones. As we know, bathrooms need anti-slipping properties, so glass tiles are best to give this facility. It is high resistance tiles and durability are on the best level.
  4. Faux wood tiles: Want to know the best tiles for your bedroom? Faux wood tiles are the best tiles for your bedrooms and have been used for a long time. It also has a resemblance to hardwood tiles. These tiles are available in a large variety of colours and shapes.

Conclusion: Choosing the tiles for your home is time-consuming work, but it will change the overall look of your house. Floor tiles in your house increase the value of your house. You should also know the quality of tiles to give your house longer beauty.

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