When You're Separated, Here's What You Should Do

When You’re Separated, Here’s What You Should Do

There are various reasons behind separation. While marriage counseling may provide an effective solution for some couples, others are left with no other option but separation. Regardless of the reason, there are several things you need to do when you separate. One of the best separation lawyers in Perth can help you in this situation. Check this blog to know more about it.

Change The Passwords

Keep in mind that situations can change very quickly when it comes to separation. So, it is necessary to protect your privacy as correctly as possible.

Make sure you change your passwords and PINs attached to your email accounts, bank accounts, and mobile devices. Also, check if you have set the maximum security settings for your social media accounts.

If you use essential applications on your phone, do not forget to deactivate them.

Consider Staying In The House

Unless there is any risk of experiencing domestic violence, staying in the house at least for a short period is recommended.

There are various reasons behind such recommendations.

Once you leave the place, you may not get access, especially if your ex-partner refuses. When you leave, your ex will possess all the belongings until you reach a property settlement.

Suppose your name is present on the mortgage. In that case, you will stay liable for payment regardless of whether you stay in that property. Also, when your ex stops giving payments, you will be held responsible for paying both the rent and mortgage.

If it is necessary to leave the family home, make sure you take all your documents like birth and marriage certificates, passport, financial records associated with the relationship, birth certificates, and passports of your children.

When You’re Separated, Here’s What You Should Do

Doing a financial stocktake is necessary to cover essential expenses in your new life. So, it is essential to list all your joint and individual assets and liabilities.

Important assets include investments, cash, businesses, properties, valuables, superannuation, and household goods. On the other hand, liabilities include personal loans, mortgages, and debts.

This information will allow you to make a financial plan for your future and help you finalize your financial separation.

Get Copies of All Crucial Documents And Start A Finances Folder

Keep hard and soft copies of every essential document related to your estate safely.

Financial documents that you need to keep in your finances folder should include:

  • Bank account statements
  • Title deeds
  • Share certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Your will
  • Mortgage statements
  • Tax returns
  • Payslips of both partners
  • Superannuation statements

In addition, you must also keep other personal documents, including birth or marriage certificates and passports.

Family lawyers Perth WA, use all these documents to establish a couple’s financial pool to reach a settlement.

It is always recommended to have two sets of electronic and hard copies so that you can give one set to someone you trust.


When you have children, your primary priority should be making sufficient arrangements for them. You will need to decide on where they will stay and how much time you will spend with them.

Make sure the arrangements are in the best interests of your children and meet their specific developmental and age requirements.

Usually, separated parents need to spend equal time with their children.

Remember that the authority will be willing to check whether the arrangements are practical for your children.

If you cannot reach a settlement and no exception occurs, family mediation can be an option before applying for a parenting order. In Australia, various private and state-based mediation providers can help you in this regard.

Another thing you need to consider is providing child support. It is the money you need to pay for their upbringing. Remember that you have to pay it regularly even if you do not see them.

Review Your Will

Whenever a change occurs in the circumstances, like disposing of or acquiring an asset, birth or death of a beneficiary, change in financial situation, or separation, you need to update your will.

One partner often appoints another partner as the beneficiary or executor of the will. If you are like them, it is important to review the will as a matter of urgency. Otherwise, your ex may inherit your estate when you die.

Remember that there are specific rules regarding upgrading wills. So, make sure that you hire one of the separation solicitors in Perth for professional assistance.

Also, must not forget to change your superannuation beneficiaries.

Update Joint Debts

Joint debts include mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans. Before you separate, finally, make sure that you update them as soon as possible.

If you can reach an agreement more easily during your mediation, you will have more chances to avoid court proceedings. It will decrease your legal costs significantly.

Review Your Power of Lawyer

Depending on the situation, you may also need to review your Power of Lawyer. In addition, also review the trustees, if applicable.

Decide On The Payments You Will Make

In most de facto relationships and married relationships, couples share bills. Before separating, finally, sit together and decide on the payments both of you will take care of.

You will be held personally liable for all joint debts. If one partner stops paying, the authority holds the other one accountable. You can talk with the bank about whether they can grant a temporary suspension on your mortgage payments until you settle.

Decide On The Living Arrangements

Deciding on the living arrangements can be a daunting decision to make. If children are involved, issues can become more complicated. So, you have to sit together and discuss matters to come to a conclusion.

Final Words: Seeking Legal Advice Is Necessary

You can clearly understand that separation issues can become complicated easily if you have not followed a proper plan. Because it is directly connected to a long-term relationship, you can be easily overwhelmed with emotions, which may lead to incorrect decisions. That is where hiring a legal professional always makes sense. Choose one of the best family lawyers in Perth and have the matter settled with ease.

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