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What You Should Look for When Registering a Domain Name

A website is indispensable for a business of any type to reach potential customers, who are online. People today spend most of their time on a smartphone doing various activities. They hardly find time to go out and shop at a retail store. Most of them search for information about a company or brand, check the reviews, and buy a product or service online. 

Your small business can reach them with a well-designed, user-friendly, and functional website, but how will they identify your website. It is with the right domain name, which is your website’s address. Finding a suitable domain for your website is important because it should attract potential customers online. Nevertheless, you need to put some effort to source your preferred name as most names would have been taken by websites, which are about two billion on the Internet.

If you want to make it much easier for people to find your business, you need to register a domain for your website. Why should you register domain? With domain registration, you can make your site distinctive and establish your brand. Each domain name is unique to help the visitors not to confuse it with other websites. A domain name represents your website’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a set of numbers.   

If you want to acquire an appropriate website name, you need to approach a domain name service provider, who can help you find and register a perfect domain, as well as renew and transfer a domain too. Using a domain name search tool will help you know the availability of a particular name. Here are a few essential tips to follow when registering a domain. 

  1. Select a domain extension suitable to your business

A website address includes a domain name and an extension. With the name, you need to choose a domain extension, which is grouped under two heads – generic top-level domains and country-code top-level domains (TLDs). Under generic TLDs, you can find some popular ones like .com, .info, .biz, .club, .org, .net, and .edu. If you want to expand your eCommerce store to have customers from other countries, you can choose the famous ‘.com’ extension, which may be expensive.  

The country-code TLDs will help you attract local customers. For instance, your online business in New Zealand can choose the domain extensions like ‘.nz’, ‘.co.nz’, ‘.com.nz’, ‘.kiwi’, and ‘.net.nz. You can find a registrar who can offer your choice of TLDs at competitive prices. 

  1. Choose a name from words that relate to your industry  

The best way to have a unique domain is to find a name from a combination of keywords that represent your business, industry, or products. For instance, ‘trademe.co.nz’ has a combination of relevant keywords that conveys to the visitors that they can buy or sell anything on this platform.  

  1. Find a simple, short, and easy-to-remember domain 

If you are looking for a domain that is pronounceable and memorable, choose a simple and short name consisting of 5-10 characters. For instance, ‘stuff.co.nz’ and ‘dyson.co.nz’ are the names easy to remember and type in the URL space of the browser. 

  1. Look for the freebies

There are some leading domain name registrars who offer free domain auto-renewals, a personalized email address, a single-page website, and domain freeparking with domain registration.

  1. Register a domain free with a hosting plan

To launch your website online, you need to buy a hosting package. Most hosting plans include free domain registration. However, some providers offer you a free domain for life. You can look for such offers to save money.

Picking a domain registrar is important here if you want to have these freebies. Get it right now and register domain to save money.

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