Best Shoes For Dance Cardio

What kind of shoes should I wear for cardio dance?

From Zumba to cardio-hip-hop, there are many dance lessons that will get you moving. All that twisting, turning, jumping and footwork are a recipe for warming your heart and having fun, and you want to strengthen your legs the next time you move. That’s why, with the help of dance professionals, we have equipped some of the best shoes for dance training. Read for more information on Best Shoes For Dance Cardio

Finding comfortable, supportive shoes is important to support and protect your feet during your workout. The shoes you choose depend on the type of dance you want, says Katie Duffy, a dance instructor and certified personal trainer from Chicago. If the lesson involves twisting and turning, you want to make sure you have enough bow and arc support, he advises. For cardio workouts, your shoes should have enough pillows to protect your joints from high-impact jumps. “Make sure your shoes are in good condition,” Duffy said. “If you exercise regularly, you should have two to three pairs of shoes and plan to buy new ones every three to four months.”

TechLoom Pro shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs

There is a reason why these shoes have 300 five-star reviews. “My clients are excited about these sneakers,” Bernier said. “They’re super light, they fit in shape and you feel like you’re dancing on foot with the support you want and need.”

Ryka Vida RZX training shoes

If you are looking for support when circling and jumping, Ryka training shoes have blades. “Ryka really supports your ankles and in my opinion, it’s almost an orthopedic shoe,” Lennox said. “It has great flexibility and support, so rotation is accessible.”

Under Armor Charged Assert 8 running shoes

If your strength training is difficult to jump, Lennox recommends these shoes. They can support, lighten and strengthen, so your dance will have a strong effect while avoiding joint or arch pain.

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