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What Is Job Sequence? What Is It Importance?

In the era of technological advancement, working with manual methods is less effective. It depends on human labour, which is ineffective compared to machine operations. Working on the machines is a way to save time and money. To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, researchers designed job sequence algorithm. It provides a way to complete an operation with different tasks within the given deadline. Job sequence also reduces the cost of a job and works on a machine’s set algorithm. It is a modern technique that management scientists are using in production and operations management tasks.

Job sequence is an effective strategy and method to complete a job in a given time in a workstation. It reduces the number of employees to work on the same task and increases profitability. There are some issues related to the job sequence when individuals do not meet the set goal and deadline. It is important to complete job tasks in the given time and sequences; otherwise, it affects the entire production. This article by experts of TheAcademicPapers.co.uk aims to describe the importance and problems of job sequence. It also focuses on the productivity of job sequences in operations’ management. The last part of this article solves examples of job sequences for a better understanding of the topic.

How to Write a Job Sequence?

It is important to set a job sequence to achieve effectiveness and profitability in machine operations. To develop the job sequence, the first thing is to set the number of jobs in a machine. It means how many times a machine works on a job and what are the tasks of this job. After that, set the time limit for job completion. For example, a machine produces a water bottle in 30 seconds, which means after that a new job will be started after 30 seconds. In this case, it is important to complete the relevant tasks of a job within the given deadline. The third thing is the earned profit after completion of tasks within the given deadline.

This aim is achieved when a job completes within the given deadline, and it also reduces cost. A specific time is required by the machine for each task; else, tasks will collide with one another. As a result, management scientists devised an algorithm for the machine’s operations that aids in generating a high profit margin from jobs while lowering operational costs.

Importance of Job Sequence

Job sequence is considered as the latest and one of the widely accepted technique in the machine working. It reduces the issues of manual working and helps in completing job tasks in the given time duration. There are various benefits that make it important in the job and operations management. The first thing that is possible with the job sequence is the completion of the task within the deadline.

When the machine and employees work with a sequence and do not miss the deadline, the company achieve high profitability on the given task. Job sequence reduces the cost of production and operations management. It provides an error-free framework by setting the algorithm in the machine. It is possible with the job sequences to complete work in less time and increase production. These are some important features that make job sequence important in this technological era.

The Problem of Job Sequence

The first thing that is important in job sequence is the appropriate algorithm to operate for the machine. In this way, it is important to work on the set deadline and job tasks. When the employees work on the assigned job, they must focus on the completion of tasks in the given time. There is no flexibility to miss the deadline and reduce the number of tasks. When the deadline is missed, it leads to delay in other tasks. In this way, it affects the overall productivity. These are some major issues of job sequencing. It is important for the operations management and production department to collaborate with workers and set a flexible duration to reduce these issues.

Job Sequencing in Operations’ Management

Job sequencing have great implications in operations’ management. It reduces the issues of production and help the firms in meeting the excessive consumer demand. When there is a high demand and less production, it is difficult for operations management to manage the cost. Job sequence is an effective way that reduces the issues of production and cost. It helps set job tasks in the machine and get the desired products in a given duration. If there is no deadline collapses in the working, then it is possible to meet the set goal. In this condition, job sequence ensure high profitability. Least production duration, less cost and free from any human error are some important operations management tasks that are possible with job sequence implications.

Job Sequencing with Deadlines Solved Examples

It is hard to manage manufacturing operations without developing a job sequence. Therefore, to achieve efficiency in manufacturing operations it is important to develop a job sequence. Following are the solved examples of job sequencing that describe how it is possible to meet the deadline in the 30-second duration.

Sr. NoJob IDRequired TasksComplete TasksProfitability

The above mentioned is a solved example of a simple job sequence. According to this example, when all tasks are completed in the given thirty seconds, the profit will be high. Similarly, when tasks are not completed in the given time, then it leads to deadline collapse and affect the profitability. In the last task, profitability is only 40 because only two tasks are completed. Based on the set algorithm, it is possible to meet deadlines and manage operations related to production.


Job sequence in technological advancement is a way to complete a job in a given time. It reduces the issues of managing operations and productions. It is also effective to reduce the cost of job completion and increase profitability.

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