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What Is Antral Gastritis? – Treatments and Symptoms

All forms of gastritis have one common thing, i.e., inflammation of the inner stomach lining. Antral gastritis results from stomach infections like ulcers, which can develop quickly or gradually over time. Gastritis is not always severe and can be easily treated with pain relievers or digestive medicines.

The lower portion of the antrum of the stomach is affected. The protective covering of mucosa becomes inflamed when something affects and weakens it. So this inflammation in the antral portion of the stomach lining leads to antral gastritis.

There might be cases when intense gastritis can lead to ulcers that provoke stomach cancer risk. The most common reason for gastritis is an infection caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

What are the Symptoms of Antral Gastritis?

The most common gastritis symptoms are inflammation and a burning sensation inside the stomach. Collated here are some of the other antral gastritis symptoms and signs:

  • Nausea
  • Considerable loss of appetite
  • Nagging stomach pain leading to stomach ulcers
  • Feeling bloated or full during and after a meal
  • Persistent pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen

Types of Antral Gastritis

Antral gastritis can be of different types. It is imperative to know about each of these types to diagnose what you are exactly experiencing. The most common distinctions are:

  • Erosive

The erosive or reactive gastritis produces both stomach lining and inflammation erosion. The contributing factors to this condition are alcohol, smoking, viral and bacterial infections, corticosteroids, stress from diseases and traumas, NSAIDs, etc.

  • Non-Erosive

Non-erosive gastritis inflamed the stomach lining without generating significant damage or erosion to the stomach lining.

What Causes Antral Gastritis?

When the mucus-lined protective barrier weakens and is damaged, the digestive fluids excrete and come out. This can harm and inflame your stomach lining, which brings forth antral gastritis. The following factors cause antral gastritis:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption can bring significant damage to your stomach lining.
  • The bacteria H. pylori can cause persistent gastritis, leading to peptic ulcer disease. It can generate a significant inflammation, which will show the stomach’s protective coating to break down.
  • Sometimes, the immune system might assault the stomach lining’s healthy cells, which results in gastritis.
  • There might be times when bile refluxes into your stomach and mainly into the oesophagus, causing gastritis.

What are the Risk Factors of Antral Gastritis?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the factors that increase the risk of antral gastritis. They are:

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Consuming excessive alcohol can erode the stomach lining. So the stomach becomes vulnerable to digestive juices, which causes acute gastritis.

  • Age

As people age, their stomach lining tends to weaken and automatically thin. So the H. pylori bacteria is more likely to cause infection in older people than the younger ones. And as a result, the risk of gastritis thoroughly increases.

  • Stress

Stress disorders are a major cause of quite a few health issues, and antral gastritis is one of them. Stress due to injuries, accidents, surgeries, burns or severe infections can intensify the risk of acute gastritis. 

  • Risks from Cancer Treatment

Radiation treatments and chemotherapy drugs can increase the risk of antral gastritis. Chemotherapies often weaken the internal strength and immunity of our body. As a result of repeated radiation, antral gastritis can occur.  

When to Consult a Doctor?

Indigestion and stomach discomfort is a common issue in all people. This mainly happens because of food intake. In most cases, indigestion is a temporary condition and can be resolved with over-the-counter medications. There are times when the issue  can resolve without seeking medical attention.

Nevertheless, one can also notice persistent and pestering symptoms in some cases. The irritating gastritis symptoms last for more than a week, which might cause significant danger. Sometimes it might lead to blood vomiting or blood spots in the stool. This situation can be alarming, so it is always recommended to consult with a doctor from Apollo Hospitals.

What is the Treatment for Antral Gastritis?

The following treatment procedures can manage antral gastritis. They are:

  • Consuming antacids and other provocative medications for lowering stomach acid.
  • Doctors recommend avoiding spicy and hot food items. So a simple, plain yet nutritious diet is the best for preventing further gastritis.
  • If pernicious anaemia causes gastritis, then vitamin B12 shots are provided.
  • If H. pylori bacteria causes gastritis, then antibiotics and acid-blocking medications are used to treat the same.
  • Eliminating lactose and gluten irritants from the diet.

To Conclude

It shall never be left untreated whenever people notice significant antral gastritis symptoms. There are increased chances of stomach ulcers and bleeding, which can lead to stomach cancer. So, make sure you consult with Apollo Hospitals’ physicians to cure the gastritis issues. Right from identifying the issue and diagnosing the problem to offering the most targeted treatments, the  best doctors at Apollo Hospitals can extend the right support to patients.

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