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What is a bedbug? Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bedbug?

Insects that can be seen with the naked eye are known as bedbugs. They are about the size of an apple seed, have no wings, and are brown in color.

 They are most commonly seen along the seams of mattresses, where they create reddish stains and excrement. Bedbugs are nocturnal creatures that feed on human blood.

Itching from bedbug bites can lead to insomnia, exhaustion, and anxiety. People who are battling bedbugs may feel embarrassed and withdraw from others.

Are bedbugs visible to the naked eye?

Yes. Bedbugs are around the size and shape of an apple seed, measuring 3-7 mm. They have a reddish brown color to them. They can be found under your bed sheets, as well as around the seams and edges of mattresses.

Are bedbugs visible to the naked eye?

Itchy skin, insect bites, black stains on mattress seams, and blood on sheets and pillow cases are all symptoms that bedbugs are present in your bed. Bed bug in Canada bites resembles mosquito bites in appearance. They induce itching, which can make it difficult to sleep. 

In general, three to four bites in a straight line or grouped together in the same location will be seen on the skin. The most vulnerable regions of the body, such as the arms, legs, and back, are the most likely to be bitten.

What should I do if I think my home is infested with bedbugs?

Begin by attempting to detect their presence. You can notice tiny insects the size of an apple seed if you lift your sheets up at night. On the borders and seams of mattresses, there are also remnants of excrement and blood. Act swiftly if these detection efforts are successful, because the condition can quickly worsen.

If you are a tenant in a residential property, you must notify the building owner or manager as soon as possible if bedbugs are discovered. An exterminator must be hired by the building owner to look for and eliminate these insect pests.

Do bedbugs live on mattresses?

They prefer to dwell on or around beds. They can also be found in crevices in the walls, floors, or furniture in the bedroom. They will travel to other rooms in the house if there is a huge population of them. They can be found in armchairs, upholstered furniture, power outlets, and behind wall pictures. They will try to move into neighbors’ homes if the infestation is not eradicated within a few weeks.


Are bed bugs common in Montreal?


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What should I do with a mattress infested with bedbugs?

You can steam clean infested mattresses or wrap them in an anti-dust mite/anti-bedbug cover. A qualified exterminator can apply the appropriate treatment and advise you on what measures to take. 

If he recommends that you dispose of your mattress, it is highly advised that you slash it or mark it with spray paint and wrap it in a plastic cover before disposing of it outdoors.

Are putting grease on bed legs, using two-sided tape or opting for a metallic bed effective ways of dealing with bedbugs?

No. Such strategies can prevent the bedbugs from climbing into a bed, but they won’t exterminate them. The bedbugs will be able to settle into other places in the room, other rooms in your home or migrate to other dwelling units in a residential building.

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