What does maternity insurance cover?

Everything you need to know about pregnancy insurance

If you are pregnant or are thinking of being pregnant, you will have many doubts about all the insurance that includes pregnancy and childbirth, don’t worry; we are going to explain everything you need to know.

We know that motherhood is one of the most important and memorable moments in women’s lives, and for this reason, we want to tell you about all the important aspects when hiring NPI number medical insurance, which includes the necessary benefits for pregnant women, which will provide you the peace of mind you need at a time when nerves and the uncertainty of the situation take over us. A health policy is a complement that guarantees you security in different aspects of your health, and if it is about the process of your pregnancy and your baby’s health, do not think twice. We not only guarantee your safety and that of your baby, but we also provide you with the confidence that these intimate situations require. If you are thinking of giving birth in private healthcare, we will tell you all the advantages of taking out medical insurance.

Insurance for pregnant women? grace periods

Have you heard of grace periods? Before taking out medical insurance during pregnancy, you should know that there is a grace period of 8 months.

And what does this mean? Well, in order to fully enjoy the services and coverage related to pregnancy and childbirth, 8 months must pass from the discharge policy of the medical insurance for hospitalization due to delivery to be covered.

In other words, if you are pregnant and give birth before these eight months are up, the delivery benefit would not be included. Therefore, we recommend that you look carefully at this point if you are looking to take out pregnancy health insurance just before you get pregnant.

Surely, you are wondering why these grace periodshave a meaning that prevents people from signing policies only to face a certain situation and then canceling it as soon as it is solved.

In the early stages of motherhood, and especially for those women who will be new mothers, having medical insurance for pregnancy will make things much easier and provide the peace of mind needed at this time of life.

Medical insurance for pregnant women includes everything related to the moment of giving birth: assistance, anesthesia, and hospitalization. At the time of delivery, the neonatologist will occult, weigh and measure the baby in the first days of birth.

For this reason, we encourage all those women who feel the maternal instinct and want to carry it out or who are realizing the dream of being mothers to weigh this idea very well. Thanks to insurance with coverage for pregnancy and childbirth, you can enjoy the essential services and treatments for the well-being of the mother and baby, thus making this vital experience the most beautiful of your life.

What should health insurance cover during your pregnancy?

You must take into account before taking out insurance for your pregnancy, which includes the coverage and essential services that maternity requires, in addition to an excellent medical team.

At Sanitas Seguro Médico Center, we care about you and offer you insurance for pregnant women during the pregnancy process,.

If you have contracted the pregnancy medical insurance and the 8-month grace period has passed, you can enjoy:

  • Weekly evolution of your pregnancy
  • High-resolution ultrasound of week twenty
  • Consult our professionals in case of doubt
  • Essential assistance to the newborn during hospital admission
  • Optional dental coverage for the care of your mouth
  • Non-invasive prenatal genetic test

In addition, we give you the possibility of accessing additional tests so that you have the complete follow-up possible. These tests are:

  • Sex of the baby through maternal blood
  • Non-invasive tests in cases not covered in the policy
  • Umbilical cord

And all the advantages we offer you do not end there. We also provide you with the following health programs: Maternal and Child Program, Healthy Child Program, and Pelvic Floor Program.

Insurance for pregnant women? Maternity Services

Not everything is easy when it comes to conceiving, sometimes, the dream of wanting to be a mother is complicated, or specific difficulties appear that you did not count.

In the case of people who have the great desire to start a family, but unforeseen complications arise, we have the assisted reproduction service to be able to achieve that long-awaited dream. It is a service with the most innovative techniques to treat infertility at the hands of highly prestigious professionals.

Insurance for pregnant women? Can the grace period be canceled?

In insurance for pregnant women, the grace period cannot be canceled suddenly, but in certain situations, the insurance company has to proceed to eliminate them.

Article 103 of the Insurance Contract Law establishes that the company must eliminate them in case of “urgent situation assistance.” This type of situation, according to the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGDFP), is “those of a medical and health nature that, if not provided imminently, could endanger the life of the patient, their integrity or that may produce a permanent impairment in your health.”

In the case of premature birth, the grace period is also canceled, just as when a pregnant woman changes from one insurer to another, the latter usually eliminates the grace period for many services, except childbirth.

Insurance for pregnant women?

Now that you know all the advantages of insurance for pregnant women and you have come this far, it is because you must be very interested in taking out medical insurance for pregnancy.

Therefore, if you have any questions regarding pregnancy insurance, we encourage you to contact us for your peace of mind and confidence. Our team, made up of great professionals, will be happy to help you.

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