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What are the types of pliers?

Pliers are important tools in our lives for the countless functions they perform.

They can contribute to the construction, maintenance, and repairs, but they have specific features according to their model.

Therefore, it is important that people know the types of pliers and their function, allowing more effective work that requires less time.

Knowing the importance of the topic, we bring in this article the main types of pliers and their applications.

1. Universal pliers

Theses steel pliers are the most common one found on the market. It has functions that are very present in other types of pliers, a fact that makes it the most used in numerous processes: the main ones are bending and cutting (cables, for example), gripping and giving more turning force to metal parts.

It is usually presented with a toothed tweezer at the top, preventing materials ‘held’ by the tool from escaping when forcing/pulling some object.

2. Cutting pliers

Pliers with wire cutters are made up from metal alloys such as aluminum, steel and copper.

It has two inwardly angled tweezers, allowing this type of pliers to be the second most commonly found in a toolbox. If there is a need to make cuts in more resistant materials, choose this type of pliers.

3. Electrician’s pliers

The name may sound technical, but its function is quite simple: they have a cutting accuracy on cables and wires that is much higher than that listed above, cutting.

Its fine teeth and tweezers contribute to the part to be cut is limited to a small area, preventing you from losing the length of the wire or cable.

It is one of the most practical to handle. But beware: do not perform electrical procedures without due care, such as turning off the power source and wearing gloves.

4. Pressure pliers

Of the types of pliers, we have available, this tool is ideal for fixing, tightening, and removing screws and rigid metal tubes.

As the name suggests, the pliers exert pressure on the chosen material or item, allowing the operator to maximize the strength when making repairs or when making the construction itself.

It is also a very common tool to find.

5. Parrot beak pliers

Maybe you don’t know this model by name, but you’ve probably seen it: it’s the one used to repair, mainly, faucets and plumbing, allowing the work to be done without damaging the parts.

Its torsion allows more force when performing hydraulic services and can even contribute to an effective tightening of nuts.

6. Stripping pliers

This is a very technical type of plier, as it allows you to adjust the size of the cable that will pass through it, exposing the wires inside without damaging it.

It is the best product for stripping wires and, even though its design seems difficult to handle, it can be ideal for numerous services, such as installation of showers and internet networks.

Pliers for every situation

Knowing the main types of pliers – there are countless others for specific functions, such as cutting tiles – you can already compose your toolbox and have even more options when building or renovating.

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