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What are Out of Office Messages and their Examples?

With the fast-paced technology and continuously evolving modern days, offices have also reached people’s homes these days. It has become very difficult to stay away from work even when you are not at the office. But, sometimes continuously being involved in office work and staying on the phone can hamper your mental health. On the other hand, it is also important for you to reply to your customers and colleagues so that no one is in trouble. 

For this very purpose, there are out of office messages. This simple out of office message is a very important part of business conversations and circles. Be it any reason whether you are sick, you are on a vacation or you are not in the office for some reason, an out of office message can help you anytime. In the guide we have created we are going to tell you about Out of office messages and give some examples of these automated replies. 

What exactly are Out of Office messages?

Professional Out of Office message is that automatic reply that you can set up from your email account when you are not in the office or at work and want to leave professional replies for your customers. These messages can be set for a specific period of time and you can also type the exact dates and times of your leave from the office. This message will then be automatically sent to those emails that you receive when you are enjoying a sunny day on a beach suffering from a runny nose and struggling to get up from your bed. 

Why are Out of Office messages important?

Working from home out of office is important because it can serve a lot of purposes. There are many reasons why an out of office message is important. 

  • An out of office message gives a personal touch to your customer and they will not feel like you are ignoring them. 
  • When there is a new message or client coming in through email, you may not want to ignore that new lead. So, an out of office message makes sure that your client is with you.
  • An out of office message makes sure that your colleagues know when they can contact you again. 
  • Most importantly, this message makes sure that you are not under any kind of pressure to reply to everyone when you come back to the office. 

Important things to include in an Out of Office Message

When you are creating a leave out of hours message there are certain things that the message should contain. You should ensure that your message should include these pointers. 

  • The Reason why you are not in your office currently.
  • Make sure to write the date or the assumed date of when you will be back. 
  • Alternate contact information of yourself or some other person to whom people can reach out in an emergency.

These things are important to include in the message. Other than this any option that you put in your message depends entirely on you. 

What to Avoid while writing an out of office message?

When writing a vacation out of office message, you should prevent the use of certain things. Including these things will make your message more lengthy and inappropriate so, make sure to avoid them. 

  • Avoid entering too much detail about your vacation or the reason why you are not in the office. It just makes the message big whereas an out of office message should be short and precise. 
  • You should always give out a point of contact other than the email as there can be some very important matters that require immediate assistance. 
  •  Always check the formatting of your message and see how it looks when it goes to some person. 

We are going to give you an out of office sick message example that you can use. 

Thank you for contacting me. But, I am not in the office at the moment and am not able to respond to this mail as I am sick. If the message is urgent do get in touch using this contact XXX XXX XXXX. 

Thank you. 


Also, use the website Emailspedia.com to get more out of office message examples

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