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The truth about mineral water and the benefits of purification systems

It is obvious that mineral water alone does not solve the problem of water purity. Buying bottled sparkling water does not mean you should drink it or that it is safer. Bottled water is no less contaminated than public water treatment plants. If you think the benefits of bottled water outweigh other sources, read on.

Mineral water’s wake-up call has been quite loud. It happened when Perrier, the maker of Pakistan’s most popular Mineral Water Plant prices in Pakistan, announced that it was recalling its products. The company discovered that a batch of its water bottles contained the chemical benzene. What exactly is benzene? It is a natural component of crude oil that has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and possibly in humans.

The amount of benzene in Perrier ranged from 12.3 to 1.99 billion parts per billion. Note that the limit for this carcinogenic chemical according to the US EPA is 5 parts per billion. That’s not very “clean,” is it?

However, mineral water has positive properties. They range from weakening joints and improving the immune system to treating various chronic diseases. That’s why you shouldn’t completely remove the beneficial minerals and electrolytes from your water.

A number of companies that manufacture purification systems are working on this problem. To eliminate one of the many drawbacks of filtration systems, they have incorporated an additional feature into their designs. These devices are called mineral regeneration systems for water purification.

But the problem of mineral purification is a matter of balance. Mineral water is good for our bodies because it contains nutrients. Trace elements such as potassium and sodium also improve the taste. The latest purifiers on the market use ion exchange to balance the water content but prevent hard water and taste problems.

Mineral recovery systems, on the other hand, remove all-natural minerals from groundwater and then replace them. The original idea seemed to be a good one. Since desalinated water is bad for the digestive system and reverses osmosis filters remove metals, adding them was a good solution. But some argue that this only makes sense in large wastewater treatment plants, not in your home.

Home filters can help. When choosing a home water filtration system, keep in mind that any water filter is better than no filter at all. And it makes sense to preserve the beneficial minerals in the water. The best choice is a filtration system that works on the principle of ion exchange. This is a progressive process. These steps include a carbon stage, a multi-media unit, and a micro-media filter to remove bacteria and other harmful substances.

Do yourself a favor and drink healthy water. Installing a filtration system may not cost that much. Although some filtration systems are more advanced than activation-based systems, you’ll be happy to know that they are quite affordable and effective.

Dana Lakes is a passionate advocate for healthy living. Visit her website: waterlogic.pk to learn more about water purifiers.

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