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Choosing The Right Water Filter For Your Home

Vibrant civilizations and good water have passed into history, but the invention of the water filter has revived the goodness of water and keeps you healthy. Filtered water has many other uses in the home, such as for cleaning, watering plants and more. Water filter for home and gives it the right taste, health, and odorless purity for drinking water. The growing number of brands of water filtration products gives consumers too much choice, making it difficult to make purchasing decisions.

Filtering Out Impurities Preserves The Nutritional Value Of Water

The main impurities in water are various forms of bacteria, viruses, parasites, organic compounds, heavy metal salts, dissolved gases and suspended solids. Filtering impurities out of water does not mean removing beneficial minerals from the water. It does not make sense to filter out one type of contaminant and leave another. A quality water filter provides near-perfect purity and ultimately removes all impurities without compromising the nutritional value of the water.

Impulse Purchase – Future Regret

Electronic water filters are an instant way to purify water. More and more homeowners who are not prepared to wait are impulse buying a water filter, which they later regret. A water filter is a good idea, but choosing the right water filter requires some thought. If you take just a few minutes to choose the right device, you’ll save yourself future regrets and get more value for every penny you pay. In most cases, simpler and cheaper cleaners work better than complicated and expensive systems. The biggest difference lies in the technology that the brand offers.

The Right Water Purification Technology

Water purification technologies for filtration are simple technologies such as boiling and complex technologies such as activated carbon filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis, membrane distillation, etc. Water comes from the ground, from lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals, rainwater, the sea and even from the atmosphere. Different technologies are needed for water from different sources.

Household Water Filters

Domestic hot water filters do not have to be for drinking water only. In areas where the water quality is quite poor, filtration is essential for all domestic needs. A whole-house filter installed at the main water source in the house provides filtered water for the entire house. Specialized water filtration products are available, and not just for drinking water. However, as the emphasis is on healthy drinking water for the home, the drinking water filter must be equipped with integrated ‘selective filtration technology.

Selective Filtration Of Drinking Water

Selective filtration of drinking water is really the best, because this technology cleans impurities without removing important minerals from the water. Selective filtration systems use a combination of filtration technologies such as carbon filtration, ion exchange and submicron filtration. Not all companies use the same filtration combination. Filter types and combinations vary, but the final treatment is designed to reject the same contaminants in all brands.

A basic water analysis will reveal the main contaminants present in the water. Choose the brands that offer the highest percentage of purification relative to the contaminants in the water. Ensure that the water obtained after filtration is free of chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, lindane, alachlor, atrazine, benzene, TCE or MTBE. The percentage of each contaminant removed varies from brand to brand.

When cost is the most important consideration, don’t just think about the retail price. Even the best brands often require cartridge replacement. Companies that offer the lowest retail price for a product can sometimes charge more than a reasonable price for cartridge replacement. In some cases, cartridge replacements can be repeated an awful lot of times. Cost per gallon cost per 1,000 gallons, or cost per year should be examined and compared between brands.

Manufacturer Literature

Manufacturers’ certified literature, whether for drinking water filters, shower filters or whole house filters, is documentation and proof of claimed performance and features. Companies that do not provide certification or documentation are likely to exaggerate performance. Some companies report different performance ratings for different regions, perhaps because their filters produce different cleaning results for the type of water used in different regions. Even if the claims are certified, it is important to verify the accuracy of the certification. Technological advances have made it not difficult to produce fake certificates, license silos and holograms.

One Type Fits All

No one brand of water purifier can be the best for everyone. Because water quality, contaminant removal, energy costs, backwash, flow rates and other factors vary from buyer to buyer, different brands work best in different areas.

Check-in real-time what consumers are saying about a potential product. Feedback from friends and neighbors who are already using the product can give a clear indication of which product is better. Examining forums where consumers discuss the quality of customer service for different filtration products can provide the most insight when making a product selection decision.

Individual comparative analysis, taking into account personal cleaning needs, is very important. Thanks to the internet, information is everywhere, gather information from different sources and make common-sense decisions on the spot.

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