Valley Of Flowers Trek: The Best Monsoon Trek

About Valley Of Flowers

There are many special places to visit in our country and one of them is the Valley of Flowers. The Valley of Flowers is also known as the Valley of Flowers, which is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The Valley of Flowers is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage side, only from this one can understand how special it is.

This valley is a completely natural valley, the Valley of Flowers opens every year in May or June and remains open till about October-November. The Valley of Flowers is legendary for its outstanding natural beauty, endangered animals and endemic alpine flowers. This valley comes under the category of National Park of India, which is spread over an area of ​​​​about 88 square km.

If you’re keen on the  flowers then this place is ideal for you. Along with the tourists coming here, they will also get the privilege of visiting the religious place of Sikhs ‘Hemkund Sahib’. If Hemkund is called only a religious place, then it will also be wrong because this place is full of beliefs as well as is situated in the lap of nature’s captivating views. Along with this, you’ll  also enjoy trekking during this beautiful valley of flowers.

History Of The Valley Of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers was discovered in 1931 by climbers Frank S. Smyth, Eric Shipton and R. L. Holdsworth while coming back from  an expedition to Mount Kemet. Which is situated at 12,000 ft. Beautiful waterfalls, landscape and meadows add more beauty to the beauty of Valley of Flowers. This  park is surrounded by forests.

In the year 1931, three young British climbers Frank, Eric Shipton and R.L.Sworth lost their way while descending near Mt. These groups accidentally reached the Valley of Flowers and were stunned by its beauty, thus giving it the name of Valley of Flowers.

Mythology About The Valley Of Flowers

The existence of the valley was always told by the local people and believed that it was inhabited by fairies and God. It was earlier also believed that once anyone visits the valley, it is captured by the fairies. and never returned.

Valley Of Flower Trek Famous For

  • The valley of flowers trek is known for the gorgeous beauty of nature.
  • Valley of flowers trek  is famous for Indian National park .The trek to the valley of flowers for the Pushpavati River.
  • Famous for Photography of valley of flowers trek.
  • The trek to the valley of flowers is famous for alpine flowers

Valley Of Flowers Trek Difficult

It is not such a difficult trek. The Valley of Flowers is well defined and well paved. Although it is steep at many places, except on the day when you go for a trek in the valley you can hire a pony to reduce the difficulty level of the trek. The  level of difficulty of Valley of Flowers trekking is moderate. The reason for this is that Most of its trail is even, but with intermittent steep climbs and descents. Although this trek is not technically challenging, it still requires good physical fitness from the trekkers.

Best Time To Visit Valley Of Flowers

The best time to go to the Valley of Flowers is from May to October. At this time the cold remains less, due to which the snowfall is less. Also the best time to trek to the Valley of Flowers is from mid-July to August. A spectacular flowering season begins every year in these high altitude alpine meadows. It is open from mid-June to September, when the snow begins to melt, making July and August the best time to see the flowers in bloom.After December the Valley of Flowers cannot be reached until the beginning of May. Different flowers bloom in this valley every month by laying a carpet of different colored flowers. It rains for a day or two, but the view of the valley takes away all the restlessness.

How To Reach Valley Of Flowers

To go to Valley of Flowers, one has to first reach JoshiMath. JoshiMath is a small village in Uttarakhand and to reach here, a bus is available from Haridwar or Dehradun or Rishikesh. The distance of Joshimath from the Valley of Flowers is only 20 kms.

The distance from Haridwar to JoshiMath is about 274 kms and can be reached in 10 to 12 hours to reach JoshiMath. After reaching Joshi Math, you can reach Govind Ghat and then after traveling for about 15 kms to the Valley of Flowers.

Is Trekking Allowed In The Valley Of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers offers a spectacular view of trekking and tourists can enjoy trekking at this place. Activities like trekking round the naturally rich Valley of Flowers attract more tourists. Trekking can be enjoyed at this place with a luxurious package.

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