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User friendly and affordable logo design services for small businesses in 2021!

Need a graphic designer to design your logo? There are several logo design services that want your money – and some even say that they’re free. But not all these logo design services will give you a logo that looks unique and professional. You don’t want a logo that looks like it was designed by a kid, and you also don’t want to go through a complex process.

The best places to get a unique logo designed

There are many online logo designing services that offer you free services but they won’t let you download your logo if you don’t pay them. Listed below are some of the websites that master several logo designing services.


You’ll like how the fiverr platform works. There’s a handy logo design wizard that help you find the best graphic designer for your logo. You can browse their profiles to see their work. You can easily contact them to get their help.

The most interesting thing about Fiverr is the quality of work that too for a very low price. You might be a bit skeptical about having a logo designed for only $5 but worry not you will be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll get, both from the inexpensive designers and the pricier pros.

There’s no need for you to spend your time messing around with the free logo makers. You can hire a graphic designer, who’d do it for you at a very cheap rate. Do you want a customized logo that no one else would have? For a price as low as $5. You can even run a design contest to get the best logo for your small business. 

Design Crowd

DesignCrowd is a bit pricey. You can get your logo designed by a professional logo designer for $100. You can also run a design contest to get several design options to choose from. You can also work with a graphic designer directly. The only downfall is that with the cheapest rate you don’t get to choose your graphic designer. Pay a little extra and you can get one of the best designers but again not of your choice. 

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so you won’t be with a design you don’t like. Paying a little extra isn’t a bad choice as you get a really great logo. It also includes other design services such as web design. T-shirt design, flyers, brochures, and business cards.

99 Design

99Designs is the priciest in the list but it’s worth it. It offers you a variety of services. You can run a contest for a logo, product packaging, and book covers. You get plenty of logo designs. You can easily narrow down your options based on the quality of the logo. You can choose the best logo and pay only if you like it. You can get a logo for $299. Although it’s costly, you won’t regret it. You can ask the designer to redo it to get exactly what you need.

You can easily access the profiles of the graphic designers and choose your favorite one and work with them directly. The features vary with the price range.

Design Evo

Working with the DesignEvo logo editor can be one of the best experiences. This tool gives you the freedom to design your own logo. You can add as many features as you want to get a customized logo. You can also design a logo from scratch as well.

If you don’t have any design experience, don’t worry. DesignEvo is a very easy tool to use.

Logo Designing packages

You can browse through the library of logo templates and choose your favorite template to work with. You can further download it however you want. The price of the basic package is $24.99 whereas the premium package is $49.99. You can download the PNG file for free. You can also hire a graphic designer if you are not satisfied with the logo you’ve designed. They seem costly but they aren’t.  They put their heart and soul into the logo they design for your business.


If you need a good-quality logo that’s not going to completely break the bank then these are probably the right tools for you. If you don’t want a logo that is too basic then hiring a graphic designer is the best option. It might be a bit costly but it’s worth a shot. Getting a logo designed by a professional means that it is unique and one of its kind. There are many websites that you can access to design a logo from scratch. You can use these tools to design your own logo for a very cheap rate. If you are looking for a professional, beautiful, and affordable logo design services for small businesses then these tools are the best for you. These tools take your preferences into account before designing as they create a logo for your brand. You’ll have tons of logos that you can choose from. Getting a logo designed by a professional means that you’ll get high resolution files for your business. This post has everything you need to know to kick start your business.

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