Top Signs it is Time to look for a New Web Hosting Provider

Globally, we have innumerable web hosting providers. Being faced with this overwhelming number of options, it can be difficult to identify the one that is perfect for you. It is particularly true for the ones that are just beginning. It is very easy to commit to the wrong web hosting provider. 

However, it’s not the end of the world if you do make the wrong choice. You are allowed to change your mind if you find out your current provider is not working for you.

It might take a bit of effort to switch to a new web hosting service in India, but it doesn’t always need to be. If you’re switching to an efficient web hosting service, they will aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs that signal it’s time to move on to a new cheap web hosting in India.

1. Your website experiences high downtime

The online world never sleeps. So your website needs to be available online and accessible to the public all round the clock. If your website experiences frequent downtime it will lead to your customers going to your competitors to have their needs met. Your reputation will take a hit and so will your revenue. It has a huge impact on your website’s SEO as well. 

Uptime is one of the major factors taken into consideration by search engines while determining page rankings. A constant downtime will lead to your website ranking further down, which will cause a decline in traffic and you will end up alienating long-term customers.

It is a clear indication that your web hosting service is not working for you anymore and there needs to be a change. 

Globally, we have innumerable web hosting service providers. Being faced with this overwhelming number of options, it can be difficult to identify the one that is perfect for you.

2. Unreliable and unhelpful customer service

You need a good connection with your web hosting provider. To begin with, if you run a website, you will at some point end up with some sort of an issue. During these times, you’ll need a responsive host to take care of these problems for you immediately so that you can restore the proper functioning of your website. 

You could also need to get a hold of your web hosting provider for various queries like those regarding your account. Top-tier web hosting providers offer assistance in a number of aspects of website management.

In case you contacting your web hosting provider is a difficult task, or they do not have the option of providing support in web hosting areas, it might be time to get a new web hosting service. You might not encounter a problem every day. However, the time you do end up with a problem, you might want a responsive team on hand.

3. High cost of the renewal

The biggest way to get new customers is to offer them a low price and then hike the price up during renewals. In case the cost of renewal is unnaturally high, it’s time to look for a new web hosting provider. 

A reliable web hosting service will be transparent about their charges, especially about renewals. Hence, it is crucial to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before you select a web hosting service. It is important because ignoring this can lead to shelling out a lot of money later.

4. Unable to handle traffic spikes

The true test of anything is how to work under pressure. The abilities of your web hosting provider can be tested similarly. You need to observe how they respond to a spike in traffic. Is there an increase in capacity, or do they ignore the problem until you invest in an upgrade? Do they support you or are they just in it for the revenue?

Your website should have maximum uptime of at least 99.95%. Your web hosting provider should ensure this. The traffic spike should not end up with your website crashing. Even if there is some downtime. 

It should be limited and dealt with swiftly by support without you needing to spend excessive amounts of money. The perfect web host will require you only to pay for the services you need, not what you might need.

5. Limited bandwidth

While it is a common occurrence for websites to sometimes encounter problems, if there are frequent database and server issues, you might want to start looking for a new web host. There are times when your net connection might be the cause of the problem.

However, more often than not, the web hosting provider’s net is the issue. Your customers will move on to your competitor’s website if yours is experiencing frequent connection problems. It will cause your customers to lose trust in your website and brand, lead to a fall in your SEO rankings, and a spike in bounce rates. 

Once your website experiences expansion and growth, the resources that it requires also increase. There will be a time when your choice of web host will not be able to offer the amount of bandwidth your website needs for smooth functioning, causing downtime and severely affecting your customers. If this happens, it is time to look for another web hosting provider.

6. You Find More Attractive Deals

You need to make ample space in your budget to spend on your web hosting service. It is a price you have to pay to keep your website running smoothly. With web hosting, you get the features and services that you’re willing to pay for. So the cheapest web hosting service in India might not be the best option, especially if you have rapidly increased traffic. You need to ensure you have ample resources to fulfill all of your web hosting needs. 

In case your web hosting plan has more resources than you need, including a higher price, you might want to look for a web hosting provider that has plans more compatible with your requirements. You should do thorough research and only then commit to one that you find to be the best.


Web hosting providers are important to ensure the smooth functioning of your website along with taking care of all the issues that might crop up. There are a variety of web hosting providers in India that offer a multitude of plans. So you need to conduct thorough research to ensure that you choose the perfect web hosting provider that is compatible with your web hosting needs.

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