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Top Reasons – Why Thermal Paper Can’t Be Used In A Regular Printer?

Thermal paper is a special paper covere with some special coating that changes its color when it comes in contact with heat. Nonetheless, it has been proved that thermal paper is harmless and can be use by SMBs as their primary source of digital transactions.

Even after knowing a lot of thermal paper benefits, users still have confusion or a question in their minds that they can use thermal paper in a regular printer to get the printing done. We need to clarify that only a thermal printer can print high-quality receipts for businesses for their information.

There is a simple motive behind using the thermal printer and not the regular printer for printing because its printing head can head the thermal paper, which is coat with some special layer to create high-resolution pictures and prints.

So, if you want black or blue colored print for your receipts, thermal printer paper is the best option.

Can Normal Paper Be Use in a Thermal Printer?

There’s a straight answer which is “No.” Thermal printers are manufacture with a specific pin and heating head that only works with thermal paper. Normal paper indeed costs less than thermal paper, but what if you don’t unexpected or bad quality printing results. The low-quality printing results would be because of the normal paper you would use in a thermal printer.

Also, you would require an inkjet printer to print regular paper, which again needs extra cost and effort for ink and holder replacement. So, why would you be investing this much cost when you can get the best printing results with fewer efforts and reasonable prices.

Difference between thermal paper and regular paper

So far, you must have got some idea about thermal paper and regular paper. Here, we are trying to segregate these terms by giving useful examples.

Let’s take a look at their differences.

Thermal PaperRegular Paper
It is coated with a special mixture of chemicals and dyes.It is not coated with any special mixture.
When heated to the right temperature, the dye reacts to the coated chemical, resulting in colored printing.It provides printing results after using the particular ink in the printer.
The printer’s print head ensures that the paper gets the required heat to the specific areas and provides optimum printing results.The entire paper will be printed with the required matter using printing ink.
Thermal paper is made up of three layers Topcoat, base Coat, and Anti-static Coat.1-ply bond paper or regular paper is made up of 1 layer, and 2-ply paper is composed of 2 layers.

Let’s look at some additional points to clarify the difference between these two types of thermal paper.

Thermal Paper

  • This paper rolls can provide high-quality prints without requiring ink.
  • it is use heat to produce text and images on the thermal paper rolls.
  • Thispaper rolls are heat-sensitive and ensure to create clear and long-lasting prints.
  • Thermal receipt paper rolls are glossy and can mark high-quality prints as they are sensitive to friction.
  • These are commonly use in thermal printers and other machines, including POS terminals and cash registers.

Bond Paper or Regular Paper

This type of paper roll, when used in impact printers, will require a printer ribbon to provide the ink to the paper to print matter.

  • Regular rolls are more like normal printer paper.
  • These are not heat-sensitive paper.
  • It also has high fibre content, making it widely used for stationery and office use.
  • Bond paper rolls come in different variations, including Single, Dual, and Triple Ply.
  • These paper rolls are widely popular in retail and hospitality workplaces.

Thermal Paper or Normal Paper – Which one Should You Opt For?

Thermal Paper

This paper rolls have different advantages over other paper types. Like they don’t use ink for printing and manufactured with a specialized coating, making it widely popular for producing easy-to-read images and text. Many reasons are there, making thermal paper rolls the best sources for receipt printing.

Advantages of using Thermal Paper

  • Thermal paper produces faster print than other ink-based alternatives. This makes receipts and other required labels to be print clear and faster.
  • These are best use for high-volume printing operations.
  • Thermal paper is also use to create high-quality images that benefit different businesses like retailers and hospitals, where crucial information must be clearly print.
  • Thermal printers are durable and, as they don’t use a lot of moving parts, are not suppose to meet with sudden jams or breakdowns. This clearly means you can get optimum production within less time.

Bond Paper

There is a wide variety of regular papers to cater to different purposes. For example, you can find bond paper for copying on the printer. On the other hand, regular paper is also use as translucent bond paper, which is best for architectural drawings. Available in white and various colors, this paper can have different other characteristics like borders or backgrounds.

Advantages of Bond Paper

  • The main advantages of regular paper are its versatility, affordability, and strength. You can use this paper for everyday writing and printing and writing.
  • Regular paper can withstand regular use of official operations and usually has a good aesthetic, making the text easily readable.
  • You may find a limited usage of bond paper, but if a company needs to print more durable or sophisticated items, bond papers are the best options. For example, bond paper is use to print and create business cards and employee greeting cards.


Alternatively, if you use thermal paper, you will find a variety of applications for it across the market. Even it has a lot of benefits, including long-lasting prints and non-toxic side effects.

It would be better to choose thermal paper over bond paper or regular paper as it helps you cater to your business needs with high-quality and stable printing receipts.

You can contact a reliable thermal paper manufacturer and supplier for detailed information on thermal receipt paper. They will give you immense knowledge and help you get your bulk orders on time and at a reasonable price.

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