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Top 6 Core Features of a Beauty Salon Appointment App

It isn’t difficult to make your business a GLOBAL BRAND if you have just the right ingredients to build an online platform for it. In 2022, every business knows the importance of upgrading with time and technology. So, why must your Salon Business stay behind? The Post-Pandemic Era is the right time to invest in a business solution such as a Mobile Application for Salon Appointments! So, let’s build a Beauty Salon Appointment App today! 


These are the ingredients you need to keep in handy to prepare the best salon appointment booking application for your local business. 

  1. A Robust Business Plan 
  2. A Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm 
  3. Know your requirements, that is, features to include in the App

Now, you must include everything from marketing to budget in the business plan. Once done drafting the plan, you must look for a World-Class White-Labeling Firm that helps you build a Salonappy Clone! 

Coming to the last ingredient, the FEATURES, let’s talk about the 6 most important features your App must-have, without fail!


1. Earning Statistics Report 

The App must help the Beautician track their earnings. And a detailed Earning Statistics Report is one of the best features that help beauticians track their incomes. In this Feature, the Beautician can access the graphical/statistical format of their total earnings, the timeline, and the number of jobs done! 

2. Invite Friends and Make Money 

Beauty Salon Appointment App has the Invite Friends Features. Herein, the Beautician can invite their friends to join and use the App. In the Invite Friends option, the Beautician can see a referral code such as ‘drd8b016850’. Once the Beautician shares the code, their friends join the App, and on completion of their first service from the App, the Beauticians get monetary rewards in their Bank Accounts.  

3. Advertisement Banner 

It is one of the most useful features especially for promoting the App. The Beautician App Owner can showcase any promotional or advertising content right on the App’s Home Screen. Thus, whenever the user opens the app, they can see the advertisements or any other highlighted content. 

Don’t forget to mention a Call-to-Action button for quicker results! 

4. SOS Button 

Salonappy Clone ensures zero compromises on the Beautician’s and user’s safety. The SOS Button lets the user and beautician send a HELP message to app their emergency contact numbers with a single tap on the Panic Button. This feature is for the time when the person feels an impending danger. 

5. Notifications and News Feed 

This particular section of the Beauty Salon Appointment App keeps the beauticians and users updated and acquainted with all the latest news. This latest news is usually about the ongoing or upcoming offers on the App. 

The User or the Beautician can look at them at once on the App itself! 

6. Manage the Gallery 

Managing the Gallery is important on the Beautician’s behalf. As this feature allows them to upload multiple photos and videos of their work for customer reference. Based on this Gallery, the Users can make their appointment decisions. 


In a  nutshell, multiple features of your App can help you build the most perfect and lucrative Beauty Salon Appointment App. 

So, ensure to add all the latest features into the App to make your and your user’s life a lot easier. Discuss your App requirements with White-Labeling Experts today!

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