Top 5 Technologies for Developing IOS Apps 

Choosing the best technology for your iOS app can be daunting. With so many available options, even the most experienced developers can have challenges deciding on the right tech stack.  

Developing an iOS application demands that you use the best and the latest version of technologies if you want to choose an application that will be free of errors, outshine its competitors and sell fast in the market.  

It’s crucial to use technology that provides high-level architectural documentation, regression tests, and proper upgrades. Working with the wrong tech stack can break your app completely in a few months.  

Here are the top 5 technologies you can use to develop iOS applications: 


ios development with flutter

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Google made Flutter available for developers in 2017. It is a multipurpose technology for developing robust and attractive applications for different platforms such as iOS, desktop, and Linux. The best open-source tool develops applications across various platforms using just one codebase. 

Flutter applications operate fast because their code compiles to Intel, ARM, and JavaScript. In addition, it is convenient working with Flutter, and it helps you control your codebase using developer tooling, automated testing, and other tools you require to develop a highly productive application. 

Flutter has become widely used among application developers of various platforms because it is fast to develop codes and reduces the time-to-market-speeds. With this, developers can build the applications for several purposes without spending much time.  


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Firebase is yet a reliable and widely used technology for iOS App development. It also functions for application development across other platforms such as android and web apps. It can develop robust applications and supports millions of users at a time from its extensive database.  

Flutter has many features that make many application developers consider it their choice. You can develop your application to accommodate different categories of users using firebase. You can also use it to discover new ideas by running experiments with it. Flutter saves you meaningful time while using it.  

In addition, firebase helps increase the quality of poorly developed applications to accommodate more features for all issues the application may have. You can also upgrade and add more features to an existing application to give the application’s end-user a greater experience.  


Swift is a technology for developing iOS applications that allows developers to use different tools/features in designing intuitive applications. You can use it to create applications for iPhones and iPads.  

Leading application developers in the industry use Swift to develop highly prolific iOS applications such as Firefox. Swift also allows the application developers to create ideas into small applications and later come back to develop them into larger applications. You can save creative ideas that you could have lost until you are ready to build the whole app architecture.  

Swift also saves you time as it develops applications fast. Its language is easy to understand. You can safely create reliable codes for your application on it. It also allows developers to comfortably upgrade applications when they deem fit to add more features.   

Xcode 11 

xcode11 for ios development

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Xcode 11 is a technology that avails application developers of almost all the tools required to develop applications that afford end-users an exciting user experience. It works on all Apple platforms such as SDKs, watchOS 6, tvOS 13, iOS 13, etc.  

Xcode works alongside other iOS application developers such as SwiftUI to develop the idea of the developers into applications. There is a minimum for you to easily navigate through the technology and quickly reach any particular code for convenient application development.  

You can add dependencies using Xcode 11 by using the Swift Package Manager to search for the packages in the Github repository. Besides, iOS simulates rather quickly on Xcode 11. This gives you the edge to develop as fast as possible. Its debugger also allows you to switch from light mode to dark mode and vice versa when you are debugging.  


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HTML 5 is the latest version of the application development technology of the HTML series. It has become the choice of many developers because of its great features. Currently, HTML ranks 3rd among the most popular technologies.  

Primarily, it is for website development, but thankfully, with the inclusion of Apache Cardova, HTML works perfectly for iOS application development. This technology works fast for application development and can develop applications that can be accessed while the user is offline. Therefore, you can load data on the applications developed by it without necessarily connecting to the internet.  

 However, before using HTML 5, you need to ascertain that most of the people working with you to develop an application with it have garnered sufficient knowledge and experience of how to use HTML 5 for developing applications. By doing so, you are sure to come up with powerful applications.  


Choosing the right technology can make or mar your project as a developer. It’s essential to develop robust, attractive applications that accommodate more features when there is a need to upgrade the apps. Therefore, besides the knowledge and experience of codes you have, you should select the viable technologies with many properties that make your work of high quality, easy and fast.  

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