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Top 5 ghostwriting sites to write the best university assignments

When someone hires and pay someone else to write content on behalf of that person, it is called ghostwriting. That work can get published under the main author’s name despite being written by a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter will only get paid for their services.

A ghostwriter’s role consists of writing, making stories come to life, and editing. There can be some additional tasks that a ghostwriter may be asked to do. Often, writers may have ideas inside their heads, but they lack the time or skills to write them. Such situations force writers to hire a ghostwriter.

In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of new jobs roles like ghostwriters, bloggers, content writers, technical writers, proofreaders, etc. Since ghostwriting is a relatively new job, its market is not yet saturated. Ghostwriting offers well-paid writing jobs, but it does not give you any market visibility because of anonymity. has a vast team of professionals whole excel at creating quality assignments. These writers spend hours communicating with the students before writing content. They also do in-depth research to find engaging content that keeps the readers interested. Their talented team of writers are highly qualified and are doctorate holder from reputed institutes. aims to provide its students with unique content every time. You can check reviews on various review aggregator websites to understand their strict anti-plagiarism policy better. With highly educated and experienced writers in their team, be prepared to be blown away after reading their engaging content. They have more than ten years of experience in this field, enabling them to deliver assignments within the shortest deadlines.

Students search for My Assignment Help Reviews  when they have no time or unable to write the assignments for themselves. provides a vast range of writing services like

  • Essay writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research paper writing
  • And many more

They incepted about ten years ago and started their journey with a small team of writers. Their dedication and zeal to providing the best-quality content made them quite popular in a shorter span. always keeps its charges minimal so that no student needs to worry about burning a hole in their pocket. They offer 24/7 customer service on multiple platforms like Hotline number, webchat, and email.

Another USP of is they offer guaranteed plagiarism-free content. They do multiple checks on their updated plagiarism checker tools to ensure that your content is free of any grammatically incorrect and copied content that can affect your scores.

Ghostwriting service providers like offer you a wide range of services tailored to meet your requirements. You can ask them to write content about specialised subjects. They have years of experience working in this domain. Apart from assignment help, they also provide assistance with other services like

  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Emailers, etc.

Hence, they are well-versed in the trade of ghostwriting and are experts to create content relevant to your readers.

Based out of the USA, is often regarded as one of the best content writing companies. Their ghostwriters design their projects to address clients’ needs while adhering to strict deadlines. This is why they boast of more than 98% customer satisfaction and have become a client favourite within a short period.

As a ghostwriting company dealing with content marketing and assignment writing company, is quickly making a mark in the content writing industry. They have over

  • 2000 positive reviews
  • 3000+ academic tutors
  • 4.9/5 rating

So, it is easily considered one of the top ghostwriting agencies in the world.

Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is an Indian ghostwriting company that offers a myriad of services like

  • SEO
  • Guest blogging
  • Website content writing
  • Newsletters
  • Lead generation
  • Landing page writing
  • Facebook AdWords
  • Facebook page management
  • Google AdWords
  • PPC & social media
  • Google ad copywriting
  • Facebook ad writing
  • Facebook page management

Kalam Kagaz also offers Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords, and Facebook page management. In addition, it aims to provide premium content and flawless ghostwriting help with its team of expert content writers. Hiring ghostwriters from Kalam Kagaz is convenient and simple. They are currently among the Top 10 Best Content Writing Companies and have immense experience serving diverse clients from the U.S., the U.K., Israel, India, Australia, etc.

Summing Up:

Ghostwriting has changed the dynamics of content writing. Many writers who struggle to write good content because of short times, despite having good, clear ideas, can take help from ghostwriters. Although ghostwriters don’t get the necessary acknowledgment and visibility because their names never get published, it still pays well. This is the reason many students and professionals are opting for full time or part-time ghostwriting services. Follow this blog to know about five of the best websites offering ghostwriting services. For more writing click here

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