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Top 5 Collaborative Practices for Remote Workers

The last 3 years have been a crash course on remote working, but the trend seems to keep growing and many businesses have decided that it is a trend worth sticking to for the foreseeable future. The rapid advancements in digital business solutions has meant that collaborating with colleagues remotely is just as effective as it would be in the office. On this subject, we spoke with TechQuarters – a London-based IT provider, whose small business IT support London-based companies have relied on for years, but especially since the spike in remote working. We asked them what they thought were the best collaboration practices for remote workers, and this is what they told us:

  1. Video conferencing & calls

One of the biggest challenges of remote working has been the massive reduction in ‘face time’. In the office, you get to see your colleagues in person every day. In a remote working scenario, it is important to replicate that face-to-face communication. This is why video conferencing and calls are a great tool for remote collaboration. Simply being able to see your co-workers’ faces – even if it is on a screen – and hear their voices can have a powerful affect on people. It is important to never underestimate the importance of social interaction at work. 

  1. Instant Messaging

Real-time or instant messaging is the remote working alternative to office chatter. According to TechQuarters, IT Support Provider London businesses use to manager their network, instant messaging forms part of the basis of efficient remote communication and collaboration between colleagues and teams. Where you might lean over to speak to your colleague at the next desk in the office, you can pop them a quick social message in your chat software. Instant messaging is good for collaboration because it is an easy way to share ideas, news and opinions in a more spontaneous way.

  1. File-sharing and co-authoring

A trend in business that preceded the sudden need for remote working, but which very much goes hand-in-hand with it, is the increased use of digital documentation instead of printed media. Nowadays, documents don’t need to be filed away; the best solution for them is to be kept in cloud storage. The great thing about this is that it makes file sharing very easy – rather than sending a copy of a document to a colleague, you can grant them access to the file in the cloud, meaning only one copy of the document needs to exist – cloud storage typically supports version history, too. All of this also means that documents can be easily co-authored – meaning multiple users can work on a file simultaneously, without erasing each other’s work.

  1. Task Management

Virtual teams may require an efficient way to keep everyone abreast of progress that is made on shared projects and work, as well as a means of coordinating work amongst the team. Luckily, task management solutions have come a long way. Location is not a problem if you use online-based tools, even if you’re needing IT Support Croydon Solutions then the right tool will make a difference. Most task management apps are now cloud-based, meaning that they are ideal for remote teams. What is more, a task management solutions is a great way for visualising tasks, because you can assign tasks to users, and attack resources to the task so that they have everything they need to complete the work.

  1. Cloud Storage

Last, but certainly not least, cloud storage is arguably the most important solution for remote collaboration out of them all. In fact, all the previous practices listed are either made possible due to cloud computing, or they work best when used in conjunction with the cloud. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and SharePoint consultant, TechQuarters recommended the use of the Microsoft Cloud products: SharePoint and OneDrive – which respectively focus on shared and individual storage.

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