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This is how you can outsmart the algorithm

Now you know how the Instagram algorithm works and which assumptions you can confidently put aside. Time to whip up your Instagram feed and outsmart the algorithm.

We’ve put together a set of proven tips to boost engagement and improve the relevance of your posts on Instagram. The result: a satisfied algorithm that increasingly displays your posts in the feeds of other Instagram users.

Of course, all measures are also somewhat time-consuming. No pain no gain. In addition, it is always the combination of several tips that really makes a difference in the Instagram algorithm. In order to have better visibility, you can buy Australian Instagram Followers to outsmart algorithm. 

So don’t just pick out the tips that you can implement most easily, but implement them all – and do so for as long as possible. Because the longer you stay tuned, the more likely the platform will reward you with increased reach and lasting success!

Tip 1: Post emotional content for engagement

Basically, this tip is the basis for all other advice. A post that does not receive any comments or likes on Instagram is also ignored by the algorithm. Your content must therefore fulfill one thing absolutely: It must inspire your followers and new users so that they interact with the content.

Does that sound like hard work? Is correct! But that shouldn’t be a reason to bury your head in the sand if you want to use Instagram successfully. So how do you post good content that other users will enjoy engaging with?

Your content must touch people emotionally. Make your followers laugh, smile or even cry. Social media works exactly on this principle: Whether Facebook, Twitter or any other platform – the users registered there want to be entertained and emotionally touched. And that only works if followers feel connected to your content. Buying Instagram Followers Canada can also help you in building the connections. 

Tip 2: Write long, personal and authentic captions

Of course you are not stuck in the minds and hearts of your Instagram followers. You can only post or share something from your own life or business that you are interested in.

The trick is to craft your post so that it speaks to your Instagram followers on an emotional level. And that works primarily with your caption. A picture is worth a thousand words? Not necessarily on Instagram! Good content doesn’t just consist of photos or videos.

If you share a nice quote, the story behind the picture or your thoughts, you will achieve more engagement than just posting pictures and videos without any text. It is important that you touch emotionally and remain authentic. Your followers will notice if you just pretend. Show your rough edges!

You don’t have to do it all the time, but write long captions when it’s appropriate. This increases the time users stay on your posts, increases the chance of engagement and signals to the algorithm that your content is of interest to other Instagram users.

Tip 3: Use calls to action

Are you annoyed by the garbage on the street and want to do something about it? Draw attention to the problem in your post and simply ask your Instagram followers for a quick challenge! The action could look like this:

Everyone who wants to participate puts in garbage bags and rubber gloves for a week and picks up whenever he or she sees garbage on the street. Your followers can take photos of the full garbage bags and link them with suitable hashtags and your account when uploading them. This is how you ensure a positive change for the environment and your relevance for the Instagram algorithm.

Of course, calls-to-action don’t always come with a great promotion like this one. You can also simply ask a good question in your post – and you will already receive new comments on your post.

Sometimes it also helps to flatly ask for likes and comments. You can ask old and new followers to support you. For example, if you teach yoga and have to switch to the internet because of the pandemic, you can describe your current situation in your post and ask your followers to increase the reach of your post with likes and comments. In this way you achieve more reach on Instagram, because your post will be displayed more often and thus reach many more users.

Tip 4: Post unusual pictures and motifs

Be honest and creative! Instagram is highly competitive and you need to get your followers and new accounts to pay attention to you. This is not only possible by reporting on your own commitment to a cause or by drawing attention to a problem. It starts with the choice of motif!

Let’s be honest: Of course, all the perfectly staged glossy photos are beautiful to look at. But since many accounts post these pictures, they quickly fall into oblivion. Time to do things differently and surprise your followers!

Tip 5: Use hashtags more sensibly

There are plenty of tips for using hashtags. That’s why we don’t want to stay here long. Still, there are a few basic things you should know about hashtags: 1. less is more. 2. Quality over quantity. 3. it’s all in the mix.

In concrete terms, this means: It is better to use five hashtags than 30. Think about which hashtags really suit your own posts instead of randomly choosing the most popular ones. And choose a mix of popular hashtags relevant to your posts as well as niche ones. This increases the chance that your content will be found at all.

Tip 6: Post more videos

Of course it is a photo platform. And yet videos have become increasingly relevant in recent years. And they’re a lot of fun! Make a video of yourself at the piano, film your daughter playing in the garden or your cat purring and sleeping.

Or introduce a product, post an explainer video or send a video message to your loyal fans and followers. The possibilities for moving content are endless.

Tip 7: Increase your posting frequency and use planning tools

If you want to win the algorithm over to your side, you need to be on the ball regularly. It’s like dieting: If you start starvation every now and then, only to eat twice as much sweets after a week, you won’t get the dream figure.

The secret is in the continuity. Make a plan for how many posts you want to publish per week, prepare the content and just follow this structure.

There are numerous tools on the internet that make regularity easy for you. All you have to do is log in with your email address and link your profile – and you can upload your already created content and plan it in advance using a calendar.


cBsots.This saves you a lot of work and guarantees that you always publish something when most subscribers are w. The planning tools also tell you the perfect posting time.

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