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The usefulness of taking folic acid in pregnancy

Do you want to become pregnant or are you pregnant? Then doctors and midwives recommend taking folic acid. Since our body cannot produce folic acid itself, there are special tablets for this. A well-known one are the mama tablets of Davitamon. What exactly is the effect of folic acid? And when is the best time to start taking folic acid tablets?

Folic acid or B11

Folic acid could also be described as vitamin B11. You will find this in wholemeal products and in fruit and vegetables. Folic acid is important for the growth of your unborn baby’s nervous system.jack and june swing set It is also necessary for the production of red blood cells and for the functioning of the nerve cells. It has been scientifically proven that swallowing folic acid reduces the chance of an open back, hare lip or open palate (cleft lip) in your baby.

Suppose you want to eat a lot of natural products that contain folic acid, which one should you have? In the form of foluut, there are many products in which folic acid occurs. You can think of the list below:

Legumes (peas, lentils, green beans, broad beans)

Vegetables and especially the green variety (Brussels sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, endive, arugula)

Wholemeal bread and other wholemeal products

Fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, melon and citrus fruits

Folic acid also occurs in meat, but to a lesser extent than the above products.

Folic acid is also found in milk products

When to start taking folic acid

If you have a desire to have children, midwives and doctors often recommend that you start taking folic acid a month in advance. If you just know that you are pregnant and you do not yet take folic acid, the advice is to take folic acid from that moment on. The first weeks are dedicated to the predisposition of your baby. By swallowing folic acid, the chance of abnormalities in your baby’s nervous system is reduced. The chance of other birth defects also decreases if you take folic acid.

You don’t take folic acid throughout the entire pregnancy. If you are 10 weeks pregnant (so 8 weeks after fertilization) you can stop taking folic acid.

The advice is to take 400 micrograms of folic acid for women who want to become pregnant until the 10th week of pregnancy.

Continuing to take folic acid for too long gives a chance of obesity in a child?

According to this article by RTL Nieuws, taking folic acid for too long would give a higher chance of obesity in the child.

Biomedical scientist Sara Pauwels of the KU in Leuven has done research into this. By taking DNA from the umbilical cord and following the children for a year, she came to these findings. It turned out that the women who became pregnant six months before they became pregnant passed on DNA genes that give an increased risk of obesity. Women who had taken folic acid throughout the pregnancy also passed on these genes.

In the Netherlands, the advice has not yet been given to stop using folic acid after the 12th week of pregnancy. The Health Council of the Netherlands indicates that further research is first needed before something can be definitively determined about the consequences of longer swallowing folic acid / obesity.

The effect of swallowing folic acid

When you are pregnant and you take folic acid, the following happens in your body: This vitamin B11 helps in better growth of the placenta and tissues. In addition, it helps for the formation of your child’s nervous system. Birth defects and the risk of this also decrease due to the presence of folic acid.

What do I notice when I’m deficient in folic acid?

If you are deficient in folic acid, you may experience the following symptoms:




Intestinal disorders

Birth defects

Too high homocysteine levels in your blood.

A too high homocysteine level in your blood gives an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. An average ‘healthy’ value of folic acid is 17.91 nmol/L. This is the same for both men and women. Higher values apply to children.

Folic acid and folate, the difference

Folic acid is usually used in dietary supplements. This is because this synthetic and oxidized form of folate is more stable to process. Folate occurs in food.

Which folic acid should I take?

One of the best-known folic acid tablets for pregnant women is that of Davitamon. I myself have swallowed this brand in all my pregnancies. Davitamon has developed a fine line. You can take tablets both before and after your pregnancy to give your body the necessary support. In the baby swing frame happy box you will also often find test tablets of the line for after delivery.

At Holland and Barrett you can buy these tablets of folic acid. You take 1 per day.Prefer something from Etos own brand? That’s possible. Etos offers these folic acid tablets. In a jar there are 120 tablets. You take 1 per day for the required folic acid amount.

Yummie gums has developed vitamin gummies. They taste like papaya and you ‘have to’ have 3 sweets a day. In addition to folic acid, they contain as many as 15 vitamins and other minerals.

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