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The most important facts about medical billing for substance abuse in 2022

Substance abuse medical billing causes lost revenue and delayed payments, which is a common problem for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Due to constantly evolving industry rules, regulations, and insurance providers, several drug rehabilitation institutions and behavioral health organizations are closing their doors.
Receiving payments from payers is becoming more and more challenging for providers of substance abuse services. Insurance companies initially focused on paying out benefits to hospitals, which were affected by payment delays, policy modifications, and new filing requirements.

The Impact of Medical Billing for Substance Abuse

Like hospitals and healthcare centers, drug and addiction treatment institutions also need assistance with their billing procedures. These facilities are made to help people of all ages who struggle with various drug and alcohol addictions, from prescription drug misuse to hard drug abuse. You know how difficult it may be to monitor and enforce this area as the owner or office manager of a drug and addiction clinic.

Medical billing for substance abuse is very different from medical billing and coding, and it has its own set of restrictions and difficulties. Because of this, billing must be managed uniquely. This is why working with a specialist substance abuse billing firm rather than a general medical billing company is highly valued. Ideally, it would help if you worked with a medical billing business that manages both tasks as you are confident they provide a wide range of services.

Why Do You Need Substance Abuse Medical Billing Services?

The core of the billing process is the use of procedure codes, which aid insurance companies in identifying the products prescribed by doctors, clinicians, and therapists to protect against potential insurance fraud—the regulations and procedures for making a claim vary depending on the industry. A medical billing coder is virtually useless if they don’t know the relevant drug addiction billing process codes.

The substance addiction billing company and the treatment center are intimately familiar with the patient’s issues, enabling a stronger, collaborative effort that improves communication between the treatment center, billing company, and insurance provider. This is accomplished by using specialized paperwork solutions, such as benefit verification forms used by each center.

The specifics of how the day-to-day operations of treatment facilities are managed are known to billing businesses used to working with them. Billing service providers can give rehab facilities the greatest treatment for patients since they have such in-depth understanding of the drug abuse sector.

Resources for coding

Drug and addiction treatment centers and the billing companies that support them have access to a wealth of materials. There is a possibility that the codes themselves are difficult to understand. Any billing provider must have a thorough understanding of these codes.
Several useful sources for codes are as follows:
Addiction Center

● Administration for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
● Health and Human Services Department
● Addiction Medicine American Society

Bottom Line:
If you want your treatment or rehabilitation center to be profitable, you cannot afford to leave money on the table. Therefore, you can rely on Medcare MSO for substance abuse medical billing services because we have a team of expert medical coders and billers skilled with drug rehab insurance billing and submitting clean claims, dramatically reducing claim rejections and denials. We provide various services, including bill collection, payer credential management, compliance reviews, yearly payer adjustments, and payback. Medcare MSO is knowledgeable about the difficulties of billing codes for substance abuse facilities and has a highly skilled team that works closely with the treatment team and the insurance company. Therefore, call us or visit our website to learn how we provide excellent medical billing services for substance abuse.

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