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The Mineral Water Plant By Water Logic At Good Prices

Use mineral water from a quality water purification system

The benefits of mineral water are exaggerated. The same applies to the alleged health benefits of Mineral Water Plant prices in Pakistan. Yes, drinking distilled or demineralized water is bad for your health, but you can protect yourself without spending on expensive systems or bottled drinks.

Some people think bottled water means purity. This is far from the case. The levels of contaminants in plastic bottles are no better than those in city sewage treatment plants. If you think bottled mineral water has its advantages, I have a story for you. In a little while, I’ll look at mineral water treatment systems for vitality.

A sewage treatment plant worker in North Carolina always drank Perrier. He was convinced that one of the benefits of mineral water was its purity. He decided to test the bottle and confirm his belief. Imagine his surprise when the results showed such high levels of benzene that the EPA had to close the plant. Convinced that it was just a coincidence, he tried another bottle from a different batch.

When the results were the same, he called a friend in Georgia. The tests were repeated on a large number of bottles from different batches. The numbers ranged from 12.3 to 19.9 parts per billion. The EPA limit for carcinogenic chemicals is 5 parts per billion. I think purity can be eliminated from the list of virtues of mineral water.

How about mineral water purification systems? The original idea is pretty good. Since drinking mineral-depleted water is bad for your digestive system, and reverse osmosis filters remove minerals, it’s better to add them back in.

If your only source is saltwater, that’s a good idea. That’s what desalination plants are for. However, reverse osmosis is too expensive and uneconomical for most of us to use at home. It’s an older technology; today we have better options.

Mineral water is good for the body because of its nutrient content. Potassium and a small amount of sodium improve the taste. Therefore, the latest water purifiers use ion exchange, which “balances out” the content but prevents hard water problems.

Mineral water treatment systems, on the other hand, remove all minerals naturally present in groundwater and then replace them. This only makes sense for desalination plants, not for domestic use.

Depending on the system, chemicals may still be present. Reverse osmosis alone will not remove these contaminants. Activated carbon and multimedia units are needed to perform these functions.

The best option is a filtration system that includes an ion-exchange section, activated carbon section, and multimedia unit combined with a micron filter to remove microscopic bacteria and other small contaminants. While technologically more advanced than mineral-activated sludge water treatment systems, these systems are much less expensive.

Better quality at a lower price seems like too much. But you can enjoy the benefits of mineral water without spending a lot of money.

For the latest information on home water purification systems, visit waterlogic.pk.

Tyler Waterman is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experiences and research online. Visit his website for more information on this important topic of safe water.

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