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The Best VAT Registration Services In Dubai

VAT registration services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you will need to register for VAT in the UAE in accordance with UAE VAT laws. Registration under UAE VAT legislation shows that your business is recognized by the government. In the UAE, your company’s VAT registration depends on your company’s revenue.

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Online VAT registration in UAE

If you are a UAE-based business, you will need to register your business in accordance with the VAT laws that came into force on 1 January 2018. Once a business is registered for VAT in Dubai, it must submit VAT returns on a regular basis or as required by the authorities.

Companies and individuals operating in the UAE must register for VAT if their annual turnover exceeds AED 375 000/-.

The VAT registration process in Dubai includes:

VAT registration

Invoicing VAT on invoices issued to customers.

Submitting VAT returns to the Federal Tax Authority through the VAT Returns Department.

Documents required for VAT registration in Dubai

Copy of passport or UAE identity card proving the identity of the authorized person.

Copy of the business license

Certificate of incorporation of the company

Articles of association of the company

Company certificate

Description of the business

Turnover in AEDs in the last 12 months

12 months turnover certificate

Expected turnover for the next 30 days

The estimated value of imports from GCC countries in one year

The estimated value of total exports to GCC countries in one year

Your agreement to cooperate with GCC suppliers or customers.

If applicable, supporting documents for customs clearance in the UAE.

Bank account details

VAT registration procedure

In principle, businesses can choose between two types of UAE VAT registration:

1. compulsory registration

1. VAT registration is mandatory for businesses:

If the total value of taxable sales and imports during the last 12 months exceeds the registration threshold.

If a business estimates that its total taxable sales and imports for the next 12 months will exceed the compulsory registration threshold for the next 30 days.

The compulsory registration threshold is AED 375 000. However, this threshold does not apply to foreign entities.

Voluntary registration

Companies may opt for voluntary registration:

If it does not meet the requirements for compulsory registration,

If it does not meet the requirements for voluntary registration, it does not have to meet the voluntary registration threshold,

If it does not meet the requirements for voluntary registration, it does not have to comply with the voluntary registration threshold, if it expects its total taxable sales and imports of goods or taxable expenses to exceed the voluntary registration threshold within the next 30 days.

The voluntary registration threshold for companies is AED 187 500.

Calculation of the tax registration threshold

In accordance with the 2017 VAT Regulation (8), the following information is taken into account to determine whether a person has exceeded the mandatory registration threshold and the voluntary registration threshold:

Value of taxable goods and services

the value of the relevant goods and services received by the person concerned

the value of the whole or the relevant part of the taxable supply attributable to that person if he acquired the business wholly or partly from another person who carried out the supply.

the value of taxable supplies made by connected persons in accordance with the cases provided for in the implementing provision of this Decree-Law.

VAT registration as a group

Two or more persons carrying on business in the UAE may apply to register for taxation as a tax group under the following conditions

Each person must have a place of business or permanent establishment in the State.

The persons concerned must be related persons.

One or more of the persons carrying on a business within the partnership controls the other persons.

If the related persons do not apply for registration as a tax group, the authority may assess their relationship on the basis of their economic, financial and regulatory business practices and register them as a tax group if the relationship has been established in accordance with the controls and conditions set out in the implementing regulation.

Sectors exempt from VAT

The following categories of supplies will be exempt from VAT:

The supply of certain financial services as explained in the VAT legislation

Residential real estate

Uninhabited land

Local passenger transport

How to register for VAT in the UAE

VAT registration in the UAE is an online process that can be done through the VAT registration portal at

Once the application is submitted, the FTA will review the information and documents submitted and if everything meets the requirements, it will approve the application and allow for the allocation of a Tax Registration Number (TRN).

Once the VAT registration is complete, the Ministry of Finance will issue a VAT certificate, which is the official confirmation from the authorities that the company is registered under the UAE VAT law.

The VAT certificate contains the following basic information:

VAT registration number

Date of VAT registration

Date of issue

Address of the registered entity

First VAT return period

Date of submission of the VAT return

Date of beginning and end of the tax period

Penalty for non-registration

Any business that fails to complete VAT registration within the time limit set by the Federal Tax Authority, or if the business fails to register after the manual limit has been exceeded, will pay a penalty of AED 20,000.

Importance of VAT registration

Experts state that the introduction of VAT in the UAE will bring long-term benefits to the country’s economy and businesses. Some of the main reasons why VAT registration in Dubai is considered important include

It makes the company more visible

Avoids unnecessary penalties

Allows you to claim VAT refunds

Expands market opportunities

BESTAXCA’s VAT advisory services

BESTAXCA plays an important role in providing accounting and tax services to businesses of all sizes. BESTAXCA professionals are selected for their insight into VAT practice. They know the correct procedure for VAT registration in the UAE. Therefore, BESTAXCA is the first choice for businesses that need to consider VAT registration in UAE. BESTAXCA not only offers VAT registration services in Dubai but also all kinds of VAT related services to help small, medium and large businesses to achieve maximum profit.

We understand the importance and need of VAT services for all businesses in UAE and offer a wide range of VAT services that include

VAT registration

Cancellation of VAT registration

VAT compliance and control

VAT reporting and payment

Data entry and data management

BESTAXCA offers a wide range of services for businesses including CFO services, audit services, accounting and bookkeeping services, accounting software, due diligence services and tax documentation services.

If you have any questions about VAT registration in the UAE or your current business, please do not hesitate to contact us. BESTAXCA is here for you!

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