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The Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity

Gastric acids are provided by your body to digest the foods you have consumed. But when the ingredients of the food and your body enzymes collide with each other you get acidity. This is mainly known as acid reflux.

Acidity creates a huge discomfort in the body. Your stomach will start to ache, you will feel nauseated and there might be heartburn, loss of appetite in case of hyperacidity. Many store-bought medicines are there to give you relief from such a situation but the best way you can get a solution is from Ayurveda. Let’s find out some ayurvedic solutions for acidity.

Cumin seeds: 

You can have this Ayurvedic Medicine For Acidity. You can make a powder of cumin and add half a spoon of the same to the water. It will be best to have one-liter fluid. After this, you have to boil the water and filter it. You can take this fluid until you feel better.

Mulethi with honey: 

You must have heard the name of mulethi as it clears throat. You can have the powder of mulethi or licorice and mix this with a small amount of honey. You have to consume this mix twice after your meals. This solution will lower the level of acidity and give you relief.  

Indian gooseberry: 

This is a very useful fruit that is filled with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants ingredients. When you consume the juice of Indian gooseberry it will reduce the amount of pitta. Acid reflux mainly happens because of the increased situation of pitta, and this fruit will help you reduce the level. You can eat it raw or have the juice of it.

White pumpkin juice: 

If you have white pumpkin at home then take the peel of it and make juice from it. If you take the same every day at least half a cup, it will reduce acidity and gastritis. Alternatively, you can also have the juice of sweet pumpkin.

Mint leaves: 

Mint or pudina is very popular in India. This herb is good for reducing acidity. You can chop some leaves and then drink the same with water. It will bring a cooling sensation to the body.


This seed is also good for acidity relief. You can chew them raw after your meals and then swallow them with water to get instant relief. You can always go for Baidyanath acid reflux products which is an ayurvedic product to get instant relief.


Tulsi leaves have been in the Ayurveda from the older days. You can chew some leaves after a meal, and it will provide you relief.


Ginger will take care of your stomach and the entire body. To get the best benefits you can have the juice of the same, and you will get relief.

Other than these Ayurvedic Medicine For Acidity, you can get cold milk, cardamom, and cloves to reduce acid reflux.

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