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Techpally hints the Advantages & Disadvantages of DevSecOps

DevOps and DevSecOps have changed the modern development interface and architecture when it comes to software development and security.

Here today, we would highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this program development tool.

Advantages of DevSecops 

If the software development takes place in small, incremental steps, security measures can be integrated into every development phase and are always verifiable, says Techpally boss. 

This means that the code is continuously analyzed, tested and approved until the application is delivered, he explained further. 

However, If problems or risks are identified, these can be resolved immediately, which avoids duplicate checks and unnecessary re-creation of the problem.

Agile methods such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are therefore possible with high security standards without being slowed down by security precautions. 

According to business pally, this is made possible by the extensive automation of processes.

 Modern tools for the analysis and protection of applications take on recurring security tasks and relieve development teams, which can therefore concentrate on higher-value tasks.

All in all, DevSecOps ensures that agility and flexibility in the provision of new applications increase without sacrificing security. 

Security and short release cycles are no longer in contradiction to one another, as is the case with traditional software development.

Disadvantages of DevSecOps 

As numerous and significant as the advantages of devops are,  there are also some challenges using this tool.

According to Techpally magazine, the DevSecOps approach is associated with major challenges, especially at the beginning.

If the implementation is to succeed, time and consistent action are required.

Processes and employees alike must be prepared for the new processes and requirements. 

It is necessary to take stock of previous security measures and to check whether they can still be used. 

Alternatively, new solutions must be on the lookout for, which employees then have to familiarize themselves with. 

In general, developers have to acquire additional skills in the security area in order to be able to implement DevSecOps measures.

In addition, the success of the system is largely dependent on employees getting involved in the new corporate culture and showing willingness to take on additional responsibility.

If the values and advantages of DevSecOps are not communicated appropriately and conflicts arise in the workforce, the concept cannot work.

implementation of DevSecOps 

The implementation of DevSecOps is associated with a company-wide culture change.

It is important that management adequately prepares its employees for upcoming changes and clearly communicates the advantages of merging development, operations and security.

The interdisciplinary approach is characterized by internal coordination and feedback and requires close and transparent cooperation from all teams involved.

In addition, developers and engineers must develop an awareness of the new responsibilities that they will bear in the future. 

Special courses, training programs or team building measures are available for this on Techpally.

A dialogue should be encouraged in advance in which all those involved can freely express their requirements, wishes and criticism. 

In this way, a system can be set up together that aims to integrate the new technologies and protocols, while workflows can be tailored to the needs mentioned.

Do you have any further questions about DevSecOps that are not covered here? 

Would you like to supplement your development processes with the use of automated tools or cloud-native technologies? 

Or are you looking for support to successfully implement the DevSecOps culture in your company? 

At business pally, we are happy to assist you with all matters relating to DevOps and DevSecOps, you can Contact us for a non-binding first appointment.

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