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When Is Sublimation Printing a Good Option?

Despite the fact that the treatment has been available for some time, Sublimation printer in pakistan, it is possible that sublimation printers are not well-known in Pakistan. Do you have any previous experience with sublimation printing? Consider how the word might be of use to you when it comes to Sublimation printer in pakistan.

Here are some statistics on sublimation printing

Given the current popularity of customised items, you may like to have your company’s logo printed on any of the items in this collection. It is possible to print this artwork on a variety of surfaces, including advertising materials, using sublimation technology. The dye sublimation method transfers an image from a substrate to another substrate.

Sublimation printer in pakistan
Sublimation printer in pakistan

You’ll need sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, and a printer to use it to create your designs on. In addition, the ink is transferrer to the substrate via the sublimation paper. As a result, the ink adheres to the print substrate and eventually becomes a part of it after it has been print.

This technique differs from the others in several ways. Inkjet transfer printing is a method of applying ink to a substrate that involves the use of a computer printer. In contrast to other printing technologies, dye sublimation does not necessitate the use of a liquid stage.

The gaseous ink does not dissolve and instead sticks to the surface of the host substance, reducing the amount of water that may be absorb. Ink stiffens once it has been blende with a substrate, enabling for more complex design.

What Is the Process of Sublimation?

Do you wish to know anything else? Printing the desired image on sublimation transfer paper is the first stage in the process. The transfer paper and substrate will be heat to a temperature of 375°F to complete the procedure.
When the ink and transfer paper are heate in this heat press, they turn into gaseous fumes. As they progress through this stage, they pass through the substrate and emerge on the other side. Heat is require to liberate sublimation ink gas from the substrate and to open the orifices in the substrate during the sublimation process.
When the transfer paper and substrate are remove from the heat press and set flat, the process of sublimation begins. Ink poured into the substrate material hardens during printing, preventing the pores from being expose.

Last but not least, the ink will remain on the paper!

It is not possible for an image to fade when printing done correctly. If the substrate is not completely fractured, the technique will fail. There is an alternate route! When you heat the ink, it transfers Sublimation printer in pakistan to a polymer-coated substrate, forming a permanent bond and transforming it into a permanent bond.

It is necessary to employ sublimation printing

Before visiting a sublimation printing company, make sure. You are familiar with the various materials. That can be use with sublimation printing. Take a look at this omnipresent fabric collection!

Aluminum that has been coat with polyethylene and protected by an aluminium shield
Polyester is use to create this fabric.

a metal that has been polyester-coated

Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


The Most Efficient Sublimation Printer on the Market

Sublimation printers are available from a variety of manufacturers. Sony, Epson, and Kodak are just a handful of the well-known names in the industry. Select a printer that has been create specifically for sublimation printing and has a variety of setting options.

A technique of printing in which dye is use as the printing ingredient is know as lithography

In this technique, the dye is dissolve in a liquid solvent that is equivalent to water in consistency. Sublimation ink is a type of ink that is only used for sublimation printing. It is capable of producing images of excellent quality and vibrant colours.

What is the method’s environmental impact?

Contrary to widespread belief, dye sublimation printing is not harmful to the environment. The use of heat transfer technology has the advantage of producing. Less waste and using less water.

Furthermore, the colors chosen are extremely safe. They pose no threat to the health of humans or the environment. Their safety and economic viability have been establishes. Sublimation is a method that uses a limited amount of color.

There’s more to it than that. Clothing that has been print in full colour with sublimation can be clean and reused. Rough printing is the term used to describe this procedure. Simpler printing results in more distinct designs than more complex printing.

Following that, a sublimation transfer paper is use as a base for additional artwork. To create gift wrap or stationery, for example. Pakistani shoppers would be able to purchase a VideoJet printer.

Finally, a sublimation substrate that is both cost-effective and environmentally benign is available. Wearing recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester allows you to save money. As a result, it is a safe and environmentally friendly production technology.


Take a look at some of the advantages and downsides of sublimation printing UV printer pakistan. To get a better understanding. Print graphics are fade-resistant and have a pristine. Surface because there is no transfer medium involved.

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