Steps on Starting Video Marketing

You may be wondering why you haven’t gotten any sales after spending a lot of money on ads. And you decided to start Video marketing but have no idea how.

There are a lot of services that offer video tech solutions for your brand, but since you already wasted money on non-engaging ads, you want to know how to make the video by yourself. Here are the complete steps:

Know Your Target Audience.

Before making a successful video, you must know who you are doing it for.

This step should be highly considered; you don’t want to target dog owners if you sell cat products.

Determine Your Goals.

Does your video’s goal to increase clicks and page visits, or is it to increase sales or gain publicity? You need first to understand the purpose of your video.

Determine What Type of Video You are Creating.

You need to choose what kind of video you want to make.

It can be an animated video, brand video, Event Video, Live video, Educational or Informative video, Explainer video, Personalized message, or Interviews.

Create A Script.

The script serves as the foundation and template for your sales videos.

Your sales video will be more persuasive if your writing is intriguing. As a result, it’s critical to write a killer script engaging enough to increase sales and convert customers rather than merely having them yawn and fall asleep.

You should include an introduction of your brand and its goals and values in your script to make it look more professional.

  • Visualize Your Video.

Get yourself on the drawing board. Plan and visualize your video; the camera angles, transitions, Actors of the video, and the script’s progress. Brainstorm ideas with your team.

  • Plan Your Budget.

Can you afford this type of marketing? Would you hire a videographer or services that offer video tech solutions? Would you buy software for video editing if you decided to make it yourself?

You should create a budget plan to know the limitations of what you can afford and what steps you should take according to your budget.

  • Film the video.

Now that you are ready. Get up and start filming.

Make sure that the shots aren’t blurry, and if you are using a phone to record, avoid shaking, it is best to use a tripod. Remember, Quality is important.

Hire someone to provide videography if you don’t have a tight budget to get high-quality shots.

Learn how to film, including the lighting and angles, if you want to do it yourself.

  • Edit the Video.

You can learn and use free editing software to edit your videos. They give you the necessary tools you will need. If you need more devices, you can use paid software.

You can also hire a professional editor to edit your videos. It all depends on your budget.

You can consider it an investment since video marketing has yielded great ROI.

Determine Where You Should Publish.

Choose a platform where you can publish your videos. It would be best to consider the following mainly:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. TikTok
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter
  6. Your website
  7. Vimeo

It’s ideal to start with one platform and reuse your video for other channels later.

Use SEO when Publishing Videos.

Optimize your hashtags, title, keywords, and video description to avoid losing free exposure. Then, upload your video during one of the ideal social media posting times.

Promote Your Video.

Lastly, you can launch ad campaigns on the platforms for your video to gain exposure.

It will boost engagement, and you should reply to comments and encourage the viewers to share or like the video.

Knowing or understanding fully by researching how you can create your marketing videos will surely result in better customer engagement in the future.

 Author Name: Hannah Devis

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